yz 400 gearing 52 tooth rear sprocket

my 06 wr 450 got stolen so i picked up a clean 99 yz 400 , man different bike for sure, i am really starting to like ole blue but it is geared way to high for woods riding, would a 52 rear sprocket help??? it has 14 front and 50 rear now, would i tell a difference with this set up?? thanks for any info.

Try going to a 13 tooth on the front, thats like adding 3 to the rear. See if you like that and then maybe add or delete a tooth from the rear to fine tune it. It's also to cheaper to experiment with front sprockets than rear :thumbsup:

I have a 54T Krause/Sidewinder rear sprocket that is almost new for $20 that will bolt right on. PM me if interested.

I have a 2002 YZ426 and have 14/50 gearing, same as yours.

Stock is 14/49 i am pretty sure.

Going to a 52 would be a pretty big change. It is always fun to experiment though. Just be sure to take into consideration the new chain length with any sprocket change. 2 teeth in the rear is 4 links less, right?

Like the previous guy wrote, adding a 13 in front is what a lot of woods/trails riders do.

I run 13/50 for the tight single track and it works out pretty good.

Do you have to shorten the chain when losing teeth on the front sproket too. Seems like it wouldn't make nearly as much of a diameter/ circumference difference since the sproket is so much smaller than in the back...


Adding 1 tooth or two teeth to the front or rear sprocket


Add 2 links to the stock chain length


Subtracting 1 tooth from the front or rear sprocket


Use the stock chain length


Adding 2 or more teeth to the front or rear sprocket


Add 2 links for every two teeth added


Subtracting 2 or more teeth from the front or rear sprocket


Subtract 2 links from every two teeth subtraced

This is according to the Rocky Mountain catalog.

I have I think 14/49 on mine I havent ridden it yet but I rode a CRF450 with stock gearing and it was amazing. And crazy fast in the trails. I think the stock gearing for the 400 would work good because remeber these bikes have alot of power and can spin those sprockets. If you go too high in the rear sprocket like teeth wise that thing is going to be wheeling like a lil bitch and that will get annoying haha

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