01 426 gear ratios

Anybody have on the top of thier heads the gear ratios for the 01 yz426?

no but first gear is fairly high to start with and the rest are close ratios. if there was a way to lower first gear the rest would be fine. I have just bought an 01 426 myself and find stalling it more than usual so I am playing around with sprocket sizes. Originally it had a 14 front and 46 rear which was way to tall for track but OK on the beach. At the moment I using 13front and 50 rear so far so good but for tighter tracks a I am going to try a 12 for the front.

good luck PK

Not on top of my head, but:






Primary reduction= 2.952

Greyracer, thanks, lets me play with the calculator to see where I am.

PDK068, I am runing a 12t/49t for trails in the Nevada desert, waiting for the 12 oz flywheel weight to show up, this should put me in the range I wish to be, yea top speed is gone, but for me, so what.

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