Rear Rack on a 2006 TE450??

Anyone know where I might find a rear rack for this bike? Had a Pro Moto Billet rack on my DRZ400 and got used to the security of having survival stuff with me on the semi longer rides-

The rack and under-fender support from a TE610 bolts right up. You do have to bore 4 BIG holes down through the fender, but is is pretty easy once you look at it.

Part # are:

8000 88071 - Parcel Rack Assembly

8000 A5377 - Parcel Rack Support (goes under the fender,

mounts to the subframe and the Rack mounts to it)

8000 88070 x 2 - Rubber grommets for where the rack goes through

the fender (2 per set)

You can use your own hardware or order these:

8000 81884 - Spacers (4 per set)

8A00 A6111 - front screws

8000 A6111 - back screws

8000 44240 - nut

8000 56359 - washers

The rack itself is composite - not metal, but I haven't managed to break it yet (and I've broken everything else, trust me). It fits the bike well, no sharp edges and once it is mounted NO weight is on the rear fender. Call Dan at Motoxotica, he can hook you up.

This shows how it mounts-

It was @ $120 for everything from Reno Cycles. There is nothing special about the stock nuts/bolts/spacers, so you could get them anywhere and probably save a bit.

Hey thanks much guys for the info. That is much easier than I could of hoped for! :thumbsup:

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