Stuck in 3rd

Well I just got back from a fun day up in the mountains, UNTIL.... was going up a slimey climb and dumped it over and when I got back up my bike wouldn't shift anymore... it seems to stuck in 3rd (I think) so I had to clutch my way back to the truck... not to fun on some of those climbs.

Anyway I haven't tore into it yet as I just got home, but this is new territory for me so I'm looking for wisdom from the vast knowledge base here... as I said it seems stuck in 3rd, the shifter will move down but nothing happens. The shifter won't shift up though, I fiddled around awhile and got it into neutral once but nothing now...

I'm GUESSING the shift fork??? I know it's not going to be pretty but I want to get on this as I'm not ready to pack it in for the winter yet!!

Any help would be appreciated, I'm not the most experienced mechanic but once pointed in the right direction I can usually hash it out.


I really don't see that as a problem...that is the only gear I use!

Sorry could not resist...anyway, I would think it would be either the detent bolt, which has been a fairly easy fix. Do a search or look at the FAQ thread, it may answer your question...

Good point... but I still like the rest "just in case" :thumbsup:

So anyway I tore it apart and the "shift lever" at the clutch side of the "shift bolt" is broken to crap... looks like it must have landed on the shifter and impacted it enough to stress the lever.

I wonder if it's been a cumulation thing as it did seem to be shifting a bit harder recently now that I think about it??

Anyway, time to go see Kawi and order me a part....

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