Decisions, decisions ...

Ive had an 87 xr600r for a year or two. The previous owner installed a SuperTrapp, an XRs Only shock and Scott forks. The bike runs great, is comfortable and powerful. The only issue is getting the lights to work, but I havent really tried to figure out what the problem is yet. Along comes a friend selling his 96 xr600r with White Bros exhaust, Renthal bars, but otherwise stock. Good condition and also very fun to ride. Im wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to the 96, which I think I could do for $700 to $800. Are there any maintenance, wear, performance, or other issues that I ought to take into consideration? Thanks.


Buy the nerwer one sas it has the single carb setup and is more reliable starting wise. Also it probably has fewer hours on it.

I have had both. Very reliable bullet proof bikes, considering my abuse.

Go with the newer and you get a 18" rear w/disc, 1 carb ect. and yes lower hours on her. My 2 cents.

The suspension is vastly improved with the later models. It was in either 90 or 91 that the XR600 went to a cartridge fork. I think that's the biggest improvement. Disc in the rear in nice too. The single carb is also easier to deal with. I believe that the 87 is a Nikasil, so reboring is much more expensive than the later bike.

The way I see it are the new stock forks better than your aftermarket ones? If you feel your aftermarket ones are superior, either keep the old bike or swap the forks. I'm not sure, but I don't think the 87 shock will fit the newer bike.

Thanks for the responses, guys. I will definitely take them into consideration. Anybody want to buy an '87 xr600 ... ? Oh, and I guess I'll have to sell my IT425, too. :thumbsup:

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