hi, i was looking into getting the wr450 (or the crf450), and i was wondering if i got this bike, would i be able to do some occasional jumps. if i got this bike i would tune the suspension to my weight. and also, i am a big fat guy 6'0 230 lbs. thanks for any help, and i apologize in advance if this is a repeat of a previous question. also do you think this would be a good bike to get, the last riding experience ive had was that honda dirt bike riding class, and that 230 i was on did not feel like it had a lot of power. i was reading about people getting the 250 and wanting to switch to the 450, and i am kind of worried i would do the same if i got that 250

Your dimensions are the same as mine. The 450 is the way to go, though you will need to do suspension work, i.e. new fork and shock springs. Jumping is not an issue, provided we're not talking about supercross triples and things like that. I've done doubles on mine and some dune jumping without any issues. If you're a Clydesdale, there's no replacement for displacement...SC

thanks. yeah, i dont think id be taking it off of supercross tripples type jumps. anybody else have anything to add? also, one more question, whats the top speed on this bike without the free mods. thanks

no mods might make that 230 feel peppy. Stock, the throttle only opens 1/2 way.

I started with the TTR250 (too weak), then the WR250 (still didn't have what I wanted), and then the WR450, all in one month. It wound up costing me $3,000 more because I didn't know what I wanted right off the bat. My advice, get more bike than you think you can use. Also, the WR450 didn't impress me until I did all the free mods and about $400 worth of other mod's.

I can hit any jump the YZs hit....same bike, basically. The frame is up to it, the suspension clickers need to be stiffened up a bit...

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