bits for sale-uk and europe

turn 'em into money!

magura juice clutch £70

magnum top clamp with 10mm lift spacers and clamps for; blue protapers £70

scotts triple clamps and scotts damper £275

unused stroker (S/A) tailpipe plus FMF powerbomb header £250

carmichael fat bars £40

clarke opaque tank and IMS ceet £175

anyone who wants to P/EX my stealy weight + flywheel-ask

same with my gold valve forks

same with my rear shock (both to suit 14 stones)

hell i'll even sell the bike!!



I want your scott's dampener. I live in Boulder CO, can you e-mail me a cost translation on it.




what's up w/ all this selling stuff?? :)

boulder i don't want to post stuff outside the EC as it's too much hassle. the scotts damper needs to be serviced, the forks and rear shock have done a season so they deserve the old one-two as well but all are good.

we pay in pounds what you pay in dollars for this stuff so this is most definately european prices.

the equation is cost times 1.4 to get dollars.


Taffy, check your mail!!


Whats the OD of the Powerbomb header where it joins the tailpipe. And will you sell it separately - if so, how much?

Also, how much does the Clarke tank hold.



any moment now the PB header will go to the missile. he has a bro here in GB and i'm sure they'll meet up for xmas. he's also taking the juice clutch and the scotts TC's and damper.

the od of the pipe is the same as the std pipe, it produces a little dollop of power at low revs. you can also get to the oil filter housing bolts.

the clark tank holds three imp gallons. that is more than std '99 by about a litre i think. but it holds it lower, narrower and not on the front of the seat. this means (and i've measured it) you can move 2" further forward. no drawbacks whatso ever. well ok one! i don't know who makes a sticker set for the aftermarket tanks but i bet someone does.

after the forks it was the best thing i did to the bike.



If 'the missile' doesn't have the powerbomb, I'm up for it. The problem with mine is that I was t-boned and my standard header was bent up - it now sticks out so far that when I go down, it hits first - not good. So let me know ...

I've already got a '99 tank (13ltr) for my '00, but my mate is looking - I'll let him know there's one about.


The Missile HAS struck !!!

Taffy is that price for the magnum and the protapers?

yes it is guy.

i bought them new from ORO last year for £125 and i thought that that was great value. i then had an extra hole drilled out the front for further forward adjustment and spacers that are the same oval pattern as the bar clamps. these raise the bars 10mm. so you can go forward almost an inch from standard. so all in all they've cost me £140.

all good. slight wear mark from the throttle tube in one place but it's otherwise perfic!


Check your PM Taffy my man! :):D

done, to the man with the shifty eyes in the corner!!!

magnum protapers

top clamp

stroker tailpipe

PB header

scotts triple clamps

scotts damper

magura juice clutch

all spoken for.


:) How did you know I've shifty eyes???? LOL :D

:D much to P/X flywheels???

check your PM's :)



stroker tailpipe

PB header

scotts triple clamps

scotts damper

magura juice clutch =gone

clark tank and IMS seat spoken for

flywheel weight spoken for

this leaves the indexed cams/camwheels can exchange with my worldly help.

gold valved forks p/ex

GtR rear shock p/ex both to suit 14 stone rider

top clamp and protapers (12 forward and 10mm up.)

carmichael bars.

wr99 for sale completely standard, never been raced or rallied (only at weekends), super jetting, new c=s, pads F+R. superb sussies, wicked power, grease nipples everywhere. full switchgear. £2895.


oh! i don't know what happened there!

oh! em! er!

oh dear it seems to be back at the top!

while i'm here can i interest you in.........



Just to say "Thanks for ALL your help m8"



:) Sorry Taffy.....tell me again what else you have for sale :D:D

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