rambling about my 1st ride on my 650r

since i got my '05 xr650r, i have spent most of the time getting a baja kit installed, doing maintenance, and getting it street legal...i have taken it out on a couple 50-60 mile rides on the street, just to try it out, but haven't been able to really ride it on any real trails untill this past weekend....

the area we rode in is lake murry trails near ardmore, oklahoma. it's about 1000 acres of sand/clay mixed trails, mostly single track through the woods type stuff. they got an inch or so of rain before we got there, so it started out pretty muddy, but got better as the day wore on and the trails started to dry out a little.

i have to say i am impressed w/ the "r". i took both of my bikes (my other is a klx400r) because i was a little worried that the xr would be too bulky in the woods. so i spent the day switching between the two bikes trying to decide which one i liked best. the klx is more fun in the tight woods trails, but the xr was so much better in the mud and deep sand, with the extra power. and it's a lot less work in the tight trails than i had thought. it leaves me wondering why it took me soo long to discover this great bike....

here's a couple pics of our bikes after the ride. the kid sitting on the cr85 is nate, my "minnie-me".


Welcome to the club.

Yeah, the XRR is a bit of a sleeper, particularly if you're not living "west". [Texas isn't west or east, it's "Texas" :thumbsup: I can say that because I grew up in San Angelo...] In Pennsylvania the XRR is basically unknown, out side of a few "believers".

But the R is one of Honda's better inventions, imho.

Welcome! Say "hey" to Nate for us. That kid has got to be in Heaven, being around all those bikes and having a biking Dad. Good job!

Ride safe.

Uncork the piggy propper like and have fun man. Be safe and a good role model for your son.

Nice bike -=N-jOy=-

the bike is already uncorked and re-jetted....it's and '05, and the p.o. did that....

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