WR450 for the wife ? How to de-tune ?

Pretty abnormal questions.

I am thinking about getting a second WR450 and this time, one for my wife.

She currently has a TTR 250 but she likes the slim shape and firmness of my WR but she definitely does not need, nor will use the power.

I have been thinking about a WR250 for her but can not find any that is street registered but know of one WR450 that is.

How would I detune a WR450 to make it less powerful ?

Is this vice ?

Leave it stock :thumbsup:

My 05 WR was pretty plugged up as stock. If she is comfortable with the 250 (power and fit), she may be better off. The cash saved from difference in purchase price between the 2 would more than pay for a retrofit to street legal. I think I spent a total of $400 on a somehat overkill street legal setup on mine (including licensing). I put on a switch console that you would find on a OEM street legal bike, horns, flashers, the whole nine.

Would hate to see her get hurt is all.


I would never put my wife on a 450. Get a 250F for her and convert it to a dual sport. :thumbsup:

I think the 250's were a smidge taller at the seat?

Why not get her a husky?

My wife is riding a TTR 250 now and she loves my 426 it is much lighter than the TTR and she loves the "Power" Put the USA throttle stop in for a few rides and then put the YZ one back in and forget about it. (great backup bike for you) once she gets the feel of the new bike the extra power will be less of a problem for her ( she will learn to respect it) I am sure you could get one of the hundreds of used throttle stops removed by USA riders making the free mods the their bikes. I hope she is a good sized girl. She will be able to hurt herself on a 250f just as easy as on a 450f so have a good time together. If you do any street riding (the reason for the license plate)the 450 is the way to go for sure.

I'll send you my throttle stop free!

I'll send you my throttle stop free!

NO, Wait use mine!!!

Thanks to you all for the input.

I am still torn between which I should do, but am leaning back towards the WR250 as weight is also an issue but not only power.

If weight is an issue you should look for a smaller bike. Everyone needs to be able to pick up their own bike especially at the end of the day.

If power is your issue I suggest you get over yourself and think about how your wife actually rides. Less throttle = Less power, no de-tuning neccessary. Those woods bikes are great for nice linear useable power. She should be able to control the go fast just as easy as anyone.

I also agree with the above, if you're going to ride pavement get the 450.

Free mods in reverse :lame::thumbsup:

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