Trick Dual Sport Kit for 06 WR450

I've been looking for a Dual Sport kit for a while and I was wondering who has the Trick Dual Sport kit for the 06 WR 450? I've been to there web site and checked in out but the pictures they had were from older WR's and it looks like they had to move the odometer. With the 06 having the Speedo I was wanting to see if someone has pictures of there bike with that kit on it. I've checked on the Baja Design kit and it look good but the quality doesn't sound good. I really don't want to waste my money so any info would help.


Can't speak of the speedo situation but I put a Trick on my KTM and it is awesome (with Trail Tech Vapor computer). I will be getting another one for my Yamaha very soon. :thumbsup:

I think that there is a e mail address for Trick Dualsport on their website. Ask Dale. If he hasn't already answered from this thread.(he lurks here when he has the time) Or call him at 1- 661- 268- 1094. :thumbsup:


I don't know about the room for the speedo on the 06, but I had to remove the odometer from my 05.

I any case do not hesitate to buy this kit. Quality is superb. Worthwhile even if you have to relocate your speedo. :thumbsup:

I will second that opinion. I've had mine on for about 6 months now, and I've dumped the bike maybe 4 times and one of the times it landed on a rock directly on the headlight/circuit board. Rock solid (literally.) And Dale provides excellent customer service. I'd give him a call and maybe they've already thought of a solution to re-mount the existing speedo on the '06. The quality of the tds kit is second to NONE!

I've got a trick dual sport setup for sale that will work with your '06. I've P.m.'d you.

mine for my 06 will get here on monday, i'll post some pics as i do the install and some after pics also... :thumbsup:

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