48 mm Kawasaki AOS vs Yamaha SSS fork

What are the differences in these forks?

As I understand it, the AOSS system is the same fork the '05 YZF's had. It was a major improvement over the single chamber '04 fork, but still not a Showa. The '06 fork also has two separate chambers, the sealed cartridge and the outer chamber for the lube oil, but the layout is slightly different, and the damping action is at least the equal of about anything as far as stock suspension goes.

What separates the two forks in the damping method used. The AOSS fork is Position Sensitive, meaning that the damping rates are controlled by where the fork is in its stroke, regardless of the speed of the stroke. The '06 fork is Speed Sensitive, which allows it to control the big hits, yet be very plush over the smaller stuff.

The 06 fork is a million better than the 05 Yamaha spec fork.


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