Bike doesnt feel right

I crashed hard on my 06 450F june 11th. I bent the stock risers and may have bent the stock protapers as well. I replaced the risers with the GYTR risers and bought new protaper contours as well. I had my suspension revlved front and rear (it works great) also. Now when I ride the bike it feels as if the steering is slightly off in the right direction. Its subtle but I can definitely notice it. It has the feel of a slightly bent bar but the bars are new.

Any ideas of what I could check? Perhaps the subframe was slightly bent in the crash in june? Rear wheel not aligned properly? or ???????

Are the Forks aligned correctly? Sounds like they may be tweeked to the right or left....

You can easily check to see if the forks are twisted (which is very likely), by visually sighting across the fork tubes from a side view. If the tubes are not perfectly parallel, you'll need to loosen the triple clamp bolts, right side front axle pinch bolts, and steering head bolt while the bike is on a stand. Untweak the triple clamps until both fork tubes are exactly parallel, then retorque all bolts beginning with the triple clamp bolts.

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