650R USD Fork valving/spring set up

OK. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to give it a try and if it doesn't hold up, I can always just use the XR stem and have a bushing machined for the upper triple clamp.

I'm running a set of '02-07 CRF forks on the front of my 650R and was hoping to get some spring and valving recommendations.

Not sure how to describe what type of riding I'd like to set it up for. I guess I'd like to start with a good all-around setup. Maybe something that would mimic the Baja 500 setup in the stock forks?

As far as spring rates, right now I'm running a .47 CRF450R spring in one leg and a .42 spring from a CRF250X in the other leg. Of course I'm willing to buy whatever springs I should be running. I weigh 190lbs in all my gear and with the pack that I carry on trail rides. I switch tanks between an IMS 3.2 gallon tank for trail riding and a 6 gallon Acerbis tank for longer dualsport rides. Let's split the difference and figure I'll be carrying around 4 gallons of fuel.

I'll be rebuilding my rear shock (upgrading to a CR500 hybrid) at the same time. Could use some help with spring rates and valving to get a balanced setup.


Oh, and where's the best place to order valve shims?

Thanks for the reply. Any idea where I might want to start as far as valving?

For the CR500R shock the Desert Racing setup can't be beat. I will have to look into my notes for the CR500R fork shim setups and add a little rebound control for the extra weight of the BRP. I do CR500R setups but, not for the XR650R bike. The shim setup would be close to what is used for our bike on my sight.


I'm wondering about the weights listed in the chart on your website Bruce. I weigh about 150lbs/190 with gear. Should I just rock the stock .42 CRF250X springs? Please let me know whenever you have a chance to look at those CR500 settings. I'd like to order shims and rip into my suspension.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the pistons are the same between the CRF250's, 450's, R's and X's?

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