Work Out!

Wheeew! Man I forgot what it was like to change my own tires! All I have for tire tools are 2 10" tire irons and some soapy water. WOW! LOL! I have been out of work for some time now due to a blood clot and R. Knee problem so I have been lathargic for the past few months. So while I was at it I decided to R&R the chain and sprockets, some oil seals, flush the oil out again, check the brakes. lube it. After all that I almost thought I should have paid to have it done. NOT!!!!! Shops are getting over paid for what little they do! Just wanted to rant for a second!



I hear yah. I changed my rear last weekend using only the tools I carry with me on the bike. Grunt stuggle curse repeat. Did it though and picked up a few tricks. I figure if I'm going to be riding way back in the woods I better learn how to change tires. I'm doing my front tire this weekend so wish me luck.

A buddy of mine can do a tire in about 5 minutes :thumbsup: Took me over an hour.

Amen, Bro.

Put on a set of DS tires on the wife's CRF230 two weeks ago.

Dang-far! The rear tire had a heavy-duty tube that was only slightly less pliable than the tire itself. [i exaggerate that last point, but only a little!!]

But then you're done and the tools are put away and the rims are back on the bike and she's looking all sassy and ready to ride. That's a nice feeling. "I did it myself."

Hey LandShark Bill, bummer about the clot. We'll keep you in our thoughts, Dude. Sounds like you're doing good, though.

Ride safe.

Yup I am doing ok for med issues. I just went for short blast to the store and was in heaven! It was nice to be out not cooped up in front of the TV! But cant do that to many times! LOL!


Glad to hear you're coming out of it.

Ride safe!! :-)

Bill my prayers on the health issues, sound like a nice guy, hope all gets better and your back blasting around on the 600 fulltime.

Next time you go to change tires I have found that setting the bike in the sun, new tire(s) as well, and letting them warm up makes it a lot easier. I also spray the tube(s) and beads of the new tires with a good quality silicone spray, the last front I changed I got on with only the final section of tire having to be levered on, and took about 5 minutes, the rears are a little tougher. Believe it or not I have a real hard time with my youngest sons 10" rear michelin starcross, would rather do 5 18 inchers, well 3 anyway. Oh all I have is those same 10" tire irons. It did take a few changes to get it down, a lot of sweat, a couple of pinched fingers, and a little blood.


Thanx for the prayers guys/gals! I should be back on my feets permantly in a couple months! WooHoo! back to work too making real money not this disability pay! LOL!

Sorry to hear your down a bit, but I am sure working on the bike will motivate your recovery. I got a few days off of disability myself, well a week really...

Put my hand through a window at work, and the next day had 2 biopsies (spelling?) to check for skin I am relaxing for the rest of the week. Hopefully my lab work will check out ok. Anyway, I really hope you feel much better really soon, and can enjoy riding again.


Thanx again! Cant wait to legally ride, since I am on class II narcotics I shouldnt be riding at all! The bike is tuck back in the garage now as I got my fix for the month! LOL!

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