Topend Job?

How much grief am I gonna be in for doing a big bore kit,gaskets and seals by myself on this 84 XL600R? I have rebuilt many SL125,250 motors and rebuilt my ZX600 motor. Just not sure about all this decompression crud! Or am I just making a moutain out of a mole hill?




get a good manual that gives details on the camshaft removal, replacement procedure, its not difficult at all, taking your time and being methodic, is all thats needed. I like the Honda manual that is on disc, you can print out what you want, draw on it make notes, spill oil on it, then throw it away. If you do not have one check on ebay they come up from time to time, I think I paid less than $10 plus shipping. cheap compared to the dealers $70 paper version, that you cant get dirty. I believe that Honda designs their motors so that a 11 year old japanese can rebuild it.

Thats what I thought. I think I'll order the big bore kit, timimg chain, and maybe a cam from XR's Only soon and do a rebuild this winter for something to do and to make my bike better.



Do me a favor send an email detailing what you want to do. Dont go more than 2mm overbore, and check you valvetrain closely, its easy enough to replace valves, springs seal and guides while you have it apart but sometimes they dont need to be check everthing twice. The old carpenters saying "measure twice cut once" good luck with it. :thumbsup:

Thanx!E-mailed him! I was planning to relap the valves and get new seals.

Make it easy on yourself and order a Hot Cam stage 1 cam (or stage 2 if you want to go radical).. it eliminates the auto decompression crap on the cam... way to many little springs and ball bearings to keep track of when taking the oem cam out.

I found the timing aspect of the XR to be a little more troublesome than my CRF. I just didn't think they marked tdc very well on the flywheel/case and it can be confusing. I used some paint to mark the tdc hash mark on the fw so I could easily see it when installing the cam chain and sprocket.

Yes this is what I do with all my rigs I use a flourescent paint to mark my timing marks as so it shows up really bright under the timing light.


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