Spark arrestor screen question

Drilled out my exhaust tip today to finish up the uncorking and it drilled out everything,, spark screen and restricor funnel. I would like to have the screen in there, but I want the power as well,, what have you guys been doing in this case?? bike is an 01 650R

When my buddy got his 01', we drilled out the stock tip with a 2" hole saw, and when we were done the screen was did you drill it out?

when I drilled it out with the 2" it took out everything, inner shiny pipe, long funnel looking thing,, and the screen was attached to the end of the long funnel thing. all I have now is a 2" hole in the end of my exhaust,, runs sweet,, a bit louder but not too bad,, just want the spark arrestor to keep it legal. might have to go with the HRC tip

ahhhhh CRAP,,, I think I drilled an HRC tip :thumbsup::lame::eek::bonk: and to make things worse,, I cut the screen for something else,,, now I cant even weld it back :p:bonk:

Thats pretty funny sh it! Goes hard ay?

yeah, Id laugh too if it wasnt me. might have to try to build a spark arrestor cone that goes inside of the tip just to be safe (not legal,, but safe) I do like the power it gets,,was a bit rich before, now its about where it should be,, good thump to it as well,, but not deafening

Go to the dollar store, cookware isle get a coned screen for a dollar.

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