starter motor and hot start

Well I drowned my bike in a river in may. So I drained the oil and changed it a bunch of times until it came out clear, I finished riding for the weekend kick starting my bike the only thing that seemed to be damaged was the starter. So I haven't been riding for the past few months I've been too busy and now my hot start is frozen up and the little plunger is frozen in the carb. I tried to soak it with some pb blaster but that didn't do anything. So I'm guessing the only way to get the plunger out is to drill it out but I'm kinda nervous to do that. Anyone else have any other Ideas? Ok now on to the starter I replaced the brushes today and cleaned it all up and that still didn't fix it. :thumbsup: So I guess I'll be buying a $250 starter sometime soon. Well thanks guys I was just venting since I have pulled the starter out 2 times and I get to do it a third lol. But if you have any better ideas about the hot start situation let me know It starts way faster when it's working.

This is probably a stupid question but is your battery okay, after I drowned mine once all I had to do was charge the battery.

Yea my battery is fine I switched with my buddies wr250 today and that didn't do anything. It just clicks once when I hit the starter button. the clicking noise is coming from that little fuse box by the battery but I switched that with his too and still nothing. I even put a volt meter on the starter positive connection and it's getting 12-17 volts when I hit the button.

Keep soaking the plunger with penetrant oil. Try to work it out slowly, and maybe put a little heat with a soldering iron or a propane torch on the area outside the plunger. Of course you have the carb out and no gas in it before you do this. If you bugger up that area of the carb with a drill bit your screwed. As far as electrical goes it usually is a bad connection somewhere. The starters are made to be pretty water proof, but you may have a short in the windings. Hope this helps, just remember to take your time.

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