Remote area XR650R Tool kit

Is there a general rule of what tools/supplies should be carried by a rider when riding the 650R in remote areas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

My riding buddy Steve Smith came up with a list of things to bring on a long ride for out in BFE.

From Steve Smith:

I know we all think we're ready but here's my general list one more time for you to check against.......

The “LOST TRAIL” Dual Sport Ride Check List.

Check every nut and bolt on your bike to make sure it’s there and tight….Put locktite on any that tend to loosen up…..Like the foot peg bolts on XR650Rs.

Make sure all the wheel spokes are tight and safety wire or tie wrap them where they cross each other…..They can still break but won’t get caught up in the chain or brakes.

Check your wheel bearings.

Be sure to be starting with new, or nearly new tires….No excuses no exceptions, just a little rain on a clay road and you will be in trouble with worn tires.

Put slime in both tires….Follow the instructions carefully.

When you are changing tires… Be sure to use a rim lock up front….When you get a front flat we’ll be changing it right away but a rim lock can prevent tearing out the valve stem while you are getting stopped.….On the back I use two rim locks and often run longer distances before stopping to fix it.

Set tire pressure to 22psi up front and 18psi in the rear….We can adjust it from there if we need to.

Be sure your sprockets, chain and brakes are correctly adjusted and can go the distance anticipated without wearing out.

Start with a fresh clean oiled air filter….Filter skins are a great idea. Carry a spare filter or Filter Skin all oiled up and ready to go….If you use any No Toil or other oils with alcohol in them, be sure to let your filter dry and air out for at least an hour or more before you pack it into an airtight plastic bag….I had a spare filter totally fall apart in the bag because I didn’t do this.

I suggest at least stock sprocket sizes but prefer to see your bike geared taller for this kind of riding…Change the countershaft sprocket for one tooth larger…It lowers the cruising revs, increased the top end and reduces fuel consumption….We won’t be needing to ride in first gear anywhere.

Run the largest gas tank you can get…..My 650 gets about 140 miles per tank before I have to lay it over for reserve….

Check the cable adjustment for all the controls.

Check the fork seals, countershaft seal and shifter shaft seal to be sure they aren’t leaking.

Make sure your suspension is not set too stiff….It’ll wear you out in no time.

Put a guard over your headlight. Steve Jr. and I had two broken headlights on one ride….That gets expensive.

Things to carry along :

An 80 or 100oz hydration & backpack combo unit with a big mouth bladder that lets you fill it with ice and liquid…I like to use Gatorade, I get less cramping than when I use just water….We’ll get ice and liquids at the gas stops.

In my back pack I carry …

A couple of protein bars that withstand heat.

Two 300 mm tire irons wrapped in old gloves.

A good quality bicycle tire pump.

A spare set of reading glasses.

A spare spark plug.

Spare batteries for my GPS.

My cell phone.


Mountain money in a Zip Loc bag.

Enough ear plugs for a new pair everyday.

Oiled Filter Skins.

Extra baggy for the used Filter Skins.

A front fender bag works well to carry….

A new front tube.

An extra clutch and brake lever.

A spare clutch perch.

A tube repair kit….Check the glue and patches are still useable.

A wad of “Quick Metal” epoxy putty for patching engine cases.

A rear fender bag carries….

My tools…..Use these tools for all maintenance work prior to the ride…Those big wrenches in the shiny Snap On box at home won’t help out where we’ll be.

A chain master link.

A tow strap.

A siphon hose.

A spare clutch cable.

Spare throttle cables

Two extra massive tie wraps ( AC duct size)

A pair of old riding gloves for dirty repair work.


Rear tube.

Extra Bungie Chords.

My old Malcolm Smith Fanny Pack carries:

A clean pair of no fog, clear lens, goggles for cloudy days or night riding ( I use photo tint no fogs in the sun) .

A Leatherman for use on anything.

A small Mag Lite flashlight.

Another spare pair of reading glasses.


My camera.

My riding pants get…

My wallet in the right front leg pocket.

My ears get….

Soft silicone ear putty earplugs available at any drug store….I find I’m a lot less tired when the wind noise is eliminated….I strongly recommend them….I’ve tried all types and these work the best.

My hands get….

A pair of cheap cotton gloves under my riding gloves to help kill the bar buzz and stop any blisters….

General Info Stuff

Cell phones don’t work well in the West Texas-Big Bend area….Cingular is about the best coverage available….

Bring cash for all your needs….ATM’s are rare.

Paying for everything by cash or check is actually easier and safer..

Plan on having smaller bills available…..

If you have GPS and can use it….Bring it.

Is there a general rule of what tools/supplies should be carried by a rider when riding the 650R in remote areas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Pretty good discussion here: :thumbsup:

I didn't see tow strap in that list....for the other bikes of course.

I didn't see tow strap in that list....for the other bikes of course.

Sorry bout that....


Man i thought you bought an XR for riding tool free as it were.

Check this out. I got it for Christmas and it is super fantastico.

Holy old thread, Batman! :cheers:

I saw something similar at The Home Depot this evening and thought it might be a good lightweight kit to carry. :moon:

a tow strap to pull the broken KTM's.:moon:

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