Hey what about break-in

Hey guys just bought 07 XR650L, and those suckers didnt give me a manual, I called and he said he'd have to order and mail me one, anyone know the break-in procedures ,if any, for my bike in the mean time, hope I havnt done anything wrong have 75 miles , little chuggin, a little full throttle but havnt rev'd it out at all.

I allways had good luck breaking them in at night or in cool weather, varying the rpm's and frequent oil changes to get all the metal out, they run hotter during break in and if the rings get enough heat they loose there temper, I broke in my girlfriends Ninja 250 in the summer heat here and it was a knocking clunker and had blowby.

Just bought an '07 650L. Manual is sorta vague. Don't have it in front of me but read something like this. " Be aware of how you drive first 300 miles. Limit full throttle acceleration" or something like that. I'll check it out again and give you a shout. But it doesn't say much...

As a general rule though, like captb says, varying the rpm regularly and frequent oil changes are a good thing. I am physched about my new L. So far I love it.

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