Pro Taper Bars = longer throttle cables?

I will be going on a 3 day ride next week and am planning on putting on some Tusk bar adapters (3/4 inch rise) and a CR HIGH Pro Taper handlebar.

Will I run into problems with my cables? Will I need longer cables?

I do not want to be messing around with this setup right before a ride if the stock cables are too short.

2000 XR 650R

Thanks in advance


The stock cables fit on my L model, and I used the same setup.

I put a new triple clamp and protapers and had no problem with any of the cables, you will have to either file down the locator pins in the switch pods(turn signal, and starter),or drill a hole on each side of the bars. I filed the pins carefully making sure to leave enough material to hold the assembly in place, keep it from rotating. Good luck. :thumbsup: Sorry I see you ride an R model, mines an L so all should work though, just look at the bottom clamping area of your switch housings for the above mentioned pins. :lame:

I had the same set up on my XR. It will fit fine. You might have to rotate your throttle assembly and the decompression lever might need to be moved inward.

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