yz426 fuel inlet orings on carb???

I am having a hell of a time finding the three orings on the inlet 90 going into the carb on my 2000 yz426. Yamaha does not show a part no. for them, they show them on there fiche though. i have tried four different sizes of orings with no luck. the closest so far are m1.5x7 and m1.5x6.5 but they still do not fit into the carb. if anybody knows the exact size or a pn that would be a great help.


Some guy from Georgia suggested True Value Hardware stores as a good source of all kinds of O-rings. Try that or a good auto parts store.

That would be Ace Hardware....but True Value probably has oring kits.......

"the Georgia guy" :thumbsup:

i have tried ace hardware and every were else i can think of. i tried a hyd. shop yesterday but still can not find the correct size. im sure they are probably metric. i took measurements of the fitting with a caliper and it measures. m1.5 wide grove and inside diamter of the groove is 7mm. the orings i got yesterday were m1.5x7 and m1.5x6.5 and they still will not fit into the carb. i am wondering if it might be m1x7 but i cant find any to try.

That would be Ace Hardware
I got the State right, though. :thumbsup:

HomeDepot and Lowes should sell these orings too...otherwise go to your dealer

or these guys can assist - look at diagram for the carb


Yamaha 3TJ-14564-40-00 / ORDER 3 ....These worked on my 01 426..

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