Out of Commission

The results of my MRI came back today and it wasn't good news. 3 herniated disks in the lumbar vertebrae and evidence of compression fractures from an unknown trauma. I've had intermittent back problems for the past 20+ years, but this is the worst it's been. It finally caught up with me about a month and a half ago when I was jetskiing of all things. Thankfully, I'm not a candidate for anything more than physical therapy at this point, but the doc said I need to drop somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+ pounds and focus on core strengthening. No more free squats, lunges or dead lifts ever again, or I could have to go under the knife. He doesn't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to get back on the bike in a couple of months, provided I do EVERYTHING right. So, I have to trade in the cheesecake for the treadmill and the free weights for the nautilus machine. I guess I'll have to start shopping for a nice skirt and matching purse too. Grrrrrr! :thumbsup:

Until then, I'll just have to live vicariously through you poor folks for a while and vent my frustrations through Nazi-like moderation of the forum. Just kidding, but I thought I'd share my woes with people who really couldn't care less...kind of like the guys here at work...and my wife :p... :lame: SC

Get well soon. I have had back problems now for about 10 years and it has been getting worse in the last few months. I just started to strengthening my core also by the way and I hope it helps. No disk problems thankfully, just bad muscle strains. There is nothing worse than a F'ed up back. I know there are some mountain bikers that will be breathing easier for the next few months, so get better and keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

As the great Bill Murray once said, "It's not the years, it's the mileage".

Speaking as one who has taken his share of lumps over the last 43 years, most of it deserved I might add (broken bones with screws, plates, pins, reconstructed ligaments, dislocated joints, etc, etc), I've come to the conclusion that it's gonna hurt to some degree no matter what I do, so if I'm going to have pain anyway, I may as well do the things I like. I'm a firm believer in the "rolling stone gathers no moss" theory - stay in shape, ride smart, and don't listen to the naysayers. :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear of your back trouble... I narrowly averted having surgery this July. I have a severely herniated disk at L5-S1 as well as degenerative disk disease (read old age coming early "hard work and mostly ABUSE of my back growing up :lame: ". It was putting pressure on my Sciatic nerve causing lightning bolts of pain down my left leg, right to my toes, Numbness in my foot and a$$ cheek as well. I was eating 4 Tylenol 3's and 4-600mg Ibuprofen every day :thumbsup: . Thankfully the doing "next to nothing" and the Ibuprofen as the anti-inflamatory, the pain has lessened down to 1-2 Tylenols and 4- ibuprofen a day. Surgeon has me strengthening my CORE, and I should probably lose 10- to 15 as well. Thankfully, I was able to avoid the back surgery fo the time being. Through it all, I kept riding, on the street with my "DS" WR426. I hope all goes wel for you as I have been there and I know how bad it can be.

later, Jamie

I'm gonna lay off the WR for a while, but I'm still riding my VTX...I need my two wheel fix. But since it's lowered and has stiffer shocks than stock, I don't know which one is rougher on me. Of course this would have to happen when there's an El Nino sitting off of S. America and I just bought a new snowboard for what is predicted to be an epic season. I hate being 17 trapped in a 38 year old body! :thumbsup: ...SC

Sorry man. I feel your pain. My health doesn't allow me to tear it up like the old days. Instead I now enjoy exploring and longer, less challenging rides. Having a dual sport bike has also provided more variety to a day in the saddle.

My bike requires less maintenance too. :thumbsup:

hope you recover soon. its sad to hear of a dedicated rider falling to the pains and sprains of riding..

i myself have severe back pain (i am like a weather man) i am 27 in a 60 yr old body

ever since i was 11 i visit the chiropractor 2 times a month.....just hang in there and put down the pizza and eat trail mix (sierra club supports granola) gl

Sorry to hear that Clark, I had knee surgery a couple of years ago with a great doc.

He relieved many years of knee abused pain for me. I talked to him about my elbow hurting worse every year, but he passed away in a car wreck. Now I need the ebow cleaned out also, I hate taking pills.

Good luck Clark, back pain can be a bear to repair.

Wish you a speedy recovery

Remember, bones heal and chicks dig scars :thumbsup:

I feel your pain. A few years back I herniated the discs between C4 , C5 and C5, C6 and I just had my Right hip replaced in July :bonk: and I'm back riding. So get well soon and :thumbsup::lame::p

Clark sorry to hear about you misfortune. :p We are all routing for your speedy recovery. Here are some training tips. First get yourself the the hottest looking trainer/therapist. This will increase your motivation and training effectiveness. :lame: Second sign up for one of those Yoga classes make sure it is loaded with hot looking women you will be the guy in the back of the room carefully observing their posing technique. Caution steer clear of the ones with hairy arm pits. Then Drone on and on to your wife about all the amazing things these women can do with their bodies. Things will start to happen at this point your wife may start working out with you or all this talk will improve life at home either way you win. If you cant ride the WR then you are going to have to find a "release" from your daily stress somewhere else. :thumbsup:

Good Luck get well soon. :bonk:

Get well soon, I feel for you not being able to ride for a while, but will be better for you in the long term.

I feel your pain. A few years back I herniated the discs between C4 , C5 and C5, C6 and I just had my Right hip replaced in July :eek: and I'm back riding. So get well soon and :lame::p:bonk:

I feel your pain too. My 6th 7th disc was herniated into my spinal cord a few year back from "an unknown trauma". I had it replaced and now I'm back on my trusty stead :thumbsup: Hang in there!

get well soon clark, I sincerely hope the weight loss and all works, but don't go for the skirt and matching purse get a 250 to recuperate on, and you never know your luck but the doc might consider that as being enough weight loss over the 450 :thumbsup:

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