steering stem bearing service

hey fella's,

what is the best approach for removing the outer bearing races from the head stay area of our bike frames? i need to change out the top bearing soon. thanks in advance for the help :thumbsup:

i own an 06' YZ450F

A long punch and a big hammer. Knock it out evenly.

I took a long punch and grinded it to the shape of the inner wall of the steering head (concave)

This works very well :thumbsup:

I got the head tube bearing press, steering stem press, and the race remover.....all of them kick a$$. Although it will set you back a few bucks, worth every penny. :thumbsup:

I'll be ordering the wheel truing stand pretty soon's only $90 from motosport outlet.

park makes awesome tools

i have a lot of their bicycle tools and i'm very happy with them

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