Hey Taffy, Evr thought of a bunch of us Yanks coming over for some riding


I was thinking how great it would be to see the old country via WR's.Or you come over here and ride the vast mile's of mountain's and deserts before the greenie's shut us all down. I kinda had the same idea for Austraila and So.Africa. Would it be such a pipe dream for some of us TTer's to do? I was in R.S.A a couple of year's ago, and all I could think of was all the good ride's you could do there.

so cal

that would be a fantastic idea!

i know that most people would love an aussie trip. warm weather, sunshine, the never ending road, wait a minute! you might as well stay at home!!

just jestin. i was meant to come over to Austin, texas for my first view of the states. we were going skiing, and then i found out the cost phew!!

i suppose the flights would be down in price.

i tell you what would be a good idea and thats to get some tight buddies to put upo a few from over and then return the compliment. that's always a good idea i'm sure.

i know there's only a fraction of GB boys on this site, also that we've condensed our 60,000,000 into just one state and yet i don't suppose i live within 60 miles of anyone who's ever joined. i suppose you've had the same problem.

another thing is that if four or five of you were coming this way, or vice versa, the other end could help set up a fantastic ride.

GB in the winter though is a yug!!! we're down to 2d celsius and in the north near scotland they're just catching their first frost at -1d.

but boy is the north beautiful. just on a smaller scale than you guys have.

me coming out to you, sounds fun. i think i'd try and get at least one mate to come out with me.




Does England have a statue of my Great, Great...Great Grandfather, Sir Francis Drake, somewhere?

Hey Taffy,

Glad you liked the idea. I guess now we would need to toss our hats in the ring and see who comes on board. Perhaps there are some TT'ers out there who have some experiance in the logistics it would take to pull this off. I know the 1st thing that jumped to mind was how do I get my WR there an how much $$ to ship it round trip.

But being the capitalistic pig that I am. I recall that every year a couple of Brit's come over to my area and buy up any good used bike they can for resale over there. Be a good chance for guy's to palm off their old WR or YZ on some poor unsuspecting native and get their vacation paid for. So I guess we need to do a poll and find out who and how many are interested.

keep it simple and then it'll happen. you come over here for five days and we find you some bikes, they may be borrowed from friends, they may be free, they may have to be hired. unless there are 5 yorkshireman reading this right now the chances are it would go alongt the format of we pick you up at heathrow or manchester (that's more likely) and we all go north and hire a lodge. get a member of the TRF to show us the way around.

beer and skittles in the evening. i've seen some of those breathtaking views of the US. fantastic.

the only real film i remember that said "hey, look at this" was the deerhunter. our little mag TBM did a five day holiday to the nevada mountains and said it was fantastic. that was an organised trip.

i say that these things are expensive enough. if we can't use TT to source a "man who can" then god help us.

my traditional weeks holiday is the end of august. now how about you boys coming over to see the legendary TT course. three days racing which is free of course and in between you've got 2/3 days of trail riding.

on the opening weekend you have the largest european trials competition with 300 riders in the manx two-day trial, red arrows, purple helmets display team. two MX meetings. the trails are excellent. in the countryside it's so peacefull and just like the picture postcards.

the north of the island looks like dartmoor, the south like cornwall and the west like ireland. the middle looks like mid wales.

all in an island 20 miles long by 15 wide. they have a vintage rally of 1900-1930's bikes with about 200 there. and you can ride the TT course in between race days.

i havenn't got a finger on the norhth of england or mid-wales but i'm sure that salty and others have.

it's not what you know, it's who you know!!!

i think that this all sounds a super idea.



Ok, what do we do to get started?

We come to you or you to us? Your more than welcome with a couple of your mates to stay here with us.The wife and I would love to have you, we live in southern california, just an hour or so north of los angeles. Most of the good calif. riding you hear of is within 3hrs drive or less. After a few day's here perhap's you can get hooked up ahead of time with a TT'er who rides in Moab Utah, it's awesome

there, perhaps the ultimate cross country ride of your life.(and you can stop at las vegas on the way) The weather this time of year is pretty good for the desert cold in the am great during the day. Higher elevations this time of year is really cold.(snow) Looking forward to hearing from other TT'ers on this project....

socal, when you come over me and my mates would be happy to join you for a ride one weekend and maybee show you the welsh hills. i may also be interested in buying one of your bikes.

i think mid to late feb is my only chance at this moment. but you may have noticed the very small issue of me buying a brand new bike!

so, not being funny but i've got to see. the away leg is more expensive than the home leg!

certainly if anyone wants to come this way the end of august is always the same for me. the next time i would then be free is november when my job is quiet and i have plenty of sapce and time.

but if others can go in the meantime then fine. for me though that's what i can do.




Going to the Island Manx GP week sounds good, I'll be making my pilgramage in may/june for two weeks for the TT. If it comes off I would deffo be up for it in august, my mate over there (also a wr 426 owner) can show us round on all the good tracks. If some one from the states wants to bring a bike to sell I want a late, clean TT 500 (aluminium swingarm version) and would be willing to pay good money for one.



I'm kinda disapointed at the lack of response this side of the pond! But if you or any of the G.B boy's feel like it, drop on in...


Taffy or Socal,

If cost is an issue, you could always come to Australia. The value of our dollar against both your currencies is very weak at the moment (approx .51c aust to $1u.s) This makes it good value for you guys. If you are interested I would be happy to help out with any arrangments. Unfortunatly I dont have a lot of room so I couldn,t put you up, but I would be happy to show you around and take you for a ride. I live in Brisbane Queensland. The weather here is always good and we are only 1 hour from the famous Gold coast and many other beautiful attractions.

Just a thought, If your interested let me know.



Trail riding up here in Yorkshire is NOT a problem...Oddly enough I know a man who knows his way about ! :):D

i thought this thread started with you coming over here? o well never mind.

thanks to all for the offers. i'm a sports coach/administrator and i hate walking away from it. one day i'm going to do a lions tour of aussie, now that's my idea of a holiday break.

just piss off and forget it all!!!



Hey Taffy, I would definetly be up to a ride in the UK, I would rent a bike or whatever!! I miss the country!! I was over there when I was in the Army(Lakenheath and skolthorpe(?). We will have to talk this spring about getting something started.

And by the way, I can get you a bike any time you decide to come over here.

I would sure like to meet you in person!!

Let me know what you think!!

take care


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