any rumors about crf650/r /l /sm?

2007 XR650r is no longer available in Canada, XR650l yes. Was flipping through the 2007 line up catalog very disappointed. Honda is starting to make major cuts.

...another shoe has dropped. Very telling. Thanks for the information.

Anyone notice how many low mileage R's are on ebay? I have been watching for quite a while now and see 00-03's with 77 miles, 96 miles, 300 miles, 5 hors , 8 hours, IT NUTS!! Why buy new when they ARE almost new??

The 400's go for as much as the 650's in a lot of cases. HECK the 250's fetch a good buck !! The 650's are fantastic deals, must be the horsepower - weight scaring people off??

I agree there are a lot of low hour bikes out there. I was in the market and just bought a 2005 with maybe one ride on it. It sat in a storage shed for a year and a half. That makes two 650Rs in my garage and counting.

Why are there so many clean 650s with low hours? Because these unridden bikes are purchased by the following 3 types of people:

1. "The TOY GUY"

The last of the "affordable" open class 4 strokes is going to attract the "toy" crowd. i.e. the 20 to 30 something who buys stuff on credit because he can. Typically you will find ATVs with paddle tires and pit bikes in his garage. This guy loads up a new 650R in his lifted pavement princess gets it home, starts it, rides it around his neighborhood and realizes that in stock form he doesn't have a screamer and how is he going to strut at Glamis on this thing. It sits in his garage for 2 years while he avoids admitting he made a poor purchase decision until finally he decides the launch the bike to get rid of one less bill to clear up credit room for the jetski.

2. "I bought a dirt bike because my friends go me into it GUY"

This guy is everybody's friend from the office who overheard somebody talking about dirt bikes around the water cooler. He's a smart guy and does his research. He wants to get into the sport and needs "a place to start." Instead of suggesting one of Honda's CRF family bikes, somebody around the water cooler, most like a rider with about a year more experience and some MX-based competition four stroke, suggests he play it safe buy an "XR." The guy looks at used XR 400s and XR 250s and sees that "hey, Honda has this XR 650R." In his mind he thinks he kills two birds with one stone... "I bought an XR and I'm also stoking my fragile novice ego by buying 650ccs." Again the reality of owning and riding such a bike hits home and pretty soon this type of guy's bike lands in the cycle trader too. You can usually spot these guys when you call up to inquire about their bike and they offer to throw in their loading ramp as part of the deal... what rider would get rid of their loading ramp?

3. "Maybe it's time to take the motorhome away from Grampa Guy"

Grampa has been riding motorcycles since the 60s and he knows a good dirt bike when he sees one. The XR650R is the dirt bike's dirt bike and thanks to the big 4 forcing customers to purchase high strung F1 inspired competition fourstrokes, there isn't a "lighter" alternative out there for gramps. Looking for something to tow on the back of the motorhome while moving between the Northwest and SoCal it's a toss up between the 650R and the 650L. The bike sees a easy life, lots of pretty country, routine maintaince at the hands of an experienced motorcyclist...but little else. Eventually, grampa kicks it or more likely the family steps in and forces him to sell all the things that gave him joy.

....This is why you see so many clean XR650Rs on the used market.

....This is why you see so many clean XR650Rs on the used market.

Good keep them coming so we will keep scoring deals! :lame::thumbsup:

For sure. But the one thing I am seeing people put in their ads more and more: "rare bike" "rare model" "hard to find"

In SoCal you see a lot of bikes in the trader and they are in good shape, but people know what they are worth and will find a buyer for them.

I've seen on ebay though, sellers in the middle of the country and on the East Coast going as far as offering up a night with their wives to take the bike off their hands...


Softball Guy meets Likes To Fight Guy

Honda has been putting pressure on the magazines as Dirt Bike has an article where an X(crf450x)and an R(XR650r) top out at the same speed of 101 miles an hour with the same gearing,this seems absurd to me as my bike on the GPS at 14/46 and these bikes were running 15/47 runs out at 103 with a NEW rear tyre,if you are trying to tell me that a Baja Honda with the NO 1X plate is slower than my homegrown XR650r then you can stick that mag where the sun don't shine.

If i was running 15/47 which is typically Baja gearing i would expect a bit more than 101MPH.

They obviously dumbed down the BRP and let's face it the average Joe Moto don't even know where Baja is and already believes the BRP is a serious POS without a home.

Mine goes alright but let's get a reality check.

It is about sales and spares if you ask me.

Wasn't Honda's A Team (XR650R) clocked at 115 on the beach at the Baja 1000 last year?

And I seem to remember a magazine review a few years ago that pitted the XR650R - KX500 - 525EXC against each other on a dry lake bed. The XR walked away with it at over 120 mph (At least that is how remember the article read) These bikes were stock except they were allowed to uncork them as long as they left the stock exhaust on. They were also allowed to remove plastic and any other parts to make them lighter and change the sprockets. That was it.

Yes OMT many many xr650r's have been clocked up in the 110 plus at 15/47.

Yes as well to the article you were referring to it was Dirt bike or Dirt Rider that did the shootout which was called the Honey Lake Honeys.All the bikes had a few aftermarket goodies to make 'em a bit sweeter

They think we forget all this stuff,but if you are a BRP fan you do not forget.

The xr in the recent mag did not have the high comp piston but all the rest of the race gear was in 'er guts.

I don't think there is 14MPH in a high comp piston,a few but not 14.

101mph is a load of crap in that article. ours top at 110 and 130

101mph is a load of crap in that article. ours top at 110 and 130

That article in Dirt Bike was confusing at best and an insult at worst.

I just installed 16/44 gearing (running 17" SM rims and tires) this weekend. The gearing spreadsheet calculates a top-end of 117 at the rev limiter, with that setup and a 150/60-17 on the rear. Bike has full ProCircuit T4, Quicksilver w/#19 needle and 15 clicks, screened side-panel vents, Uni, GPR stabilizer, using Mobil One MX4T. Valves adjusted last week.

I will be strapping on the GPS and full armor in the next week or so and visiting a semi-deserted section of I-81 to test it (when the traffic is very light). We'll see.

The old tests (there are two separate tests!) that you are referring to were both in Dirt Bike. The "Honey Lake Honey's" was a comparison between the BRP (FMF Q exhaust, suspension mods, stabilizer), 525 MXC (stabilizer), and a KX500 (Zip Ty tank/250 shrouds, pipe, stabilizer). They raced a WORCS round at Honey Lake to compare them.

The top speed test was a separate article. It was factory Honda's Baja bike (with Henge), a KTM 525 with a 540 kit, and a Price Racing Team Green KX500. As we all recall, the factory Baja bike runs the stock piston (more overrev than the HRC piston). KTM put a dual-sport tire on (less rolling resistance) and everyone else cried foul since they had knobbies. That was when the plastic began to come off. The Kawi ran out of gears at around 108 (something about not being able to find a 16 tooth C/S sprocket anymore... I still have one from my last KX in my spares box) and then the KTM and Honda went at up to about 112. Henge's last run was sans helmet visor, rad shrouds, front fender, and front brakes (the pads caused 'drag' on the rotor, so they ditched it). This was when he cleared 120 (I think it was around 124 with the wind and 116 against). They stopped running the bikes 'cuz the wind picked up on El Mirage Dry Lake (test location). Test was done with GPS. I remember Ron Lawson saying that they wanted to do this test to see if current machinery was as fast as the old stuff -- Dirt Bike had done a test with a KTM 2-stk way back in the day with stopwatches that was supposedly around 115.

According to GPS, my BRP is good for 105: 15/47, Michelin 140 Desert rear, full HRC kit, o/s header with stock can and HRC insert, 113 leaded fuel, on dirt. I now have the XR's Only competition exhaust (even bigger header and megaphone can), and have switched to a Dunlop 606 130/90 18. It has a taller profile. I am fairly certain that I will get another 3-4 mph out of this setup with the improved top-end of this pipe and the taller Dunlop tire. One of my riding buddies has an identical 650 that is only minus the piston (his is stock). At WFO, he can slowly pull me by about 2 mph.

They obviously dumbed down the BRP and let's face it the average Joe Moto don't even know where Baja is and already believes the BRP is a serious POS without a home.

I've had the feeling for some time that Honda is bailing on the 650R...and now it's discontinued at home while they offer no true replacement. At the same time the glossy mags have suddenly been full of 450X "incredible reliability and durability" reports...contrary to everything you hear in these pages or word of mouth! The conspiracy guy in me senses "big red" behind the scenes! However, after six years of BRP ownership ( XR600 before that...XR500 before that...note trend!) and with no true replacement in sight, this long time Honda guy has done the unthinkable and gone to the dark side....picking up a new KTM 525 EXC. I swore I wouldn't do it, and would wait for the new Honda but it's time for a change. I've never subscribed to the KTM "hype" out there (while admitting they're good bikes) but just got tired of waiting for the CRF600X (or whatever) and the 450X is not the replacement I'm looking for. The Katoom seems like the next best fit and one of the few true open class options available (that actually has dealers) with a few advantages of its own.

I'll miss the eye compressing off idle surge of the BRP, low maintenance durability, it's stability in the rocks, high speed comfort and seat with room for both but cheeks. I probably won't miss the extra 30+ lbs and the kickstarting! I'll just deal with a little more maintenance and watch the bike a little closer. At the glacial speed the 600X is being developed (if at all) it might even be ready when I'm done with this one! Sorry Honda....I really tried! :thumbsup:

they need to update that damn XR650L.....its just heavy and old.

hey hey hey none of that old and heavy talk here bud! :lame:

But uh, youre right ! :thumbsup:

There is only one reason why the BRP will go extinct.

Metal Mulisha doesn't make graphics for the piggy... :lame::thumbsup::p


It was only a short time ago when everyone was singing the 2005 model would be the last one. When the 650R doesn't show on the 2008 line up will be the time to buy into this rumor. I doubt they will remove it without a replacement immediately ready for the showroom floors. Honda is very good at keeping secrets.

If it does disappear in 2008 get ready for the 650L to also disappear that same year. They did cut back on L production this year. They are able to sell them so why cut back on the number produced?

If it does disappear in 2008 get ready for the 650L to also disappear that same year. They did cut back on L production this year. They are able to sell them so why cut back on the number produced?

Especially when it's the same tooling as it has been for 14 years.

Honda used to be known for it's legendary reliability bikes hung around as long as vampires,but we don't keep buying stuff if it never fails so unfortunately the old planned obsolescence deal has come to Honda.

I believe the R will be rebadged an L and maybe you will get it with rego as here in Oz both are registerable,might be wrong.

There is only one reason why the BRP will go extinct.

Metal Mulisha doesn't make graphics for the piggy... :p:thumbsup::bonk:


if your dad is part founder owner whatever of it they do make graphics :lame: my friend has one of hevengvelds old baja bikes with metal mulisha graphics but they were custom made. super sweet looking to

I believe the R will be rebadged an L and maybe you will get it with rego as here in Oz both are registerable,might be wrong.
That seemed like a logical and obvious least with a 600X or something proposed to replace it in the pure dirt role. The former (dualsport) move will probably still happen I believe...but now I think Honda is just going to to abondon the big bore off-road market and try to promote the 450X for the latter role? Too bad. :devil:
Hell if there's no rumours lets make one up

XR 650 OP2WD spotted testing in Baja

Unnamed but reliable sources have spotted what appears to be the successor to Honda's venerable XR 650L dual sport machine undergoing testing in Baja. Some changes have been predictable bringing the machine in line with it's off only road brother XR 650R, liquid cooling, improved suspension and aluminum frame all topping the list.

What was unexpected was the OP designation for Oval Piston. First seen on Honda's ill fated GP bikes of the early 80's and later on in the limited production NR 750 that ended up mostly in the hands of wealthy collectors. This would be Honda's first mainstream push of the technology and may be in response to the high tech V-Twin Aprillia dirtbikes now appearing on the market. One unnamed Honda rep reported that the bike would rev to "at least 18 000 rpm and producing in excess of 80hp".

Taking a cue from Yamaha and KTM the new XR 650 OP/2WD will have an optional Ohlin's supplied 2 wheeled drive system. This extra grip was deemed necessary given the high horsepower and lightweight targets set by Honda engineers.

The new multi functional speedo/temp/fuel/rpm/servicing/ display will also include a GPS function. Seen on many Honda ATV's these factory built GPS units are a first in the industry. Expect them to show up on the next generation VFR and on the 09 Gold Wing.

:devil: I believe I saw the fuel injection unit in a Dirt Rider magazine and it had a ram-air snorkel that was integrated into the gas tank. They were also noting that the new metal matrix-composite cases dropped the weight of the electric start engine below that of current 250 four stroke motocross engines.

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