Racer x on the 07'

looks like they liked it! http://racerxill.com/articles/detail/1124/racer-x-tested.aspx

Although I did not find the low end they did.....I think my jetting is off

Any jetting help on my 07...........am i crazy to think I need to LEAN the pilot?

5500 ft, normally we lean anyways, but on the 06 people said the richer 48 including eddie (burned)


IMO, the pilot is right when you can make it pop on decel by turning the fuel screw down around 1 -1 1/4 turns or more, but make it stop before it gets to 2 1/2, assuming your exhaust is not unreasonably leaky.

Sweet review! Maybe a bit short and i really wanted to hear how they liked it in corners but they were impressed with the bike which is great.

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