how do you adjust the idle?

hey everyone....

im having a little trouble.. my bike stalls when i pull the clutch in 1st gear and it doesnt like to idle when im in neutral. ive just been riding it around the house but i know when i get on trails its gonna drive me nuts... any suggestions?

Black knob on the left side of the carb.

thank you!! i had a slight feeling it was but i wasnt sure.

Your welcome. You can thank me by changing your avatar from a quad to your YZ.

hehe well as soon as i get a good pic of my YFZ i will. i might as well change it before i make a few enemies tho.

If you're having trouble with clutch drag check and see if the plates are warped. If they're straight you can try the free mods on thumperfaq. I haven't tried them but there's some smart guys 'round here.

well my clutch feels alright... nothing unusual but thanks for the info anyways

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