Kick starter frozen...

I was out riding this past weekend on my 00' YZ-426F, and while I was riding my bike stalled out. I was going down down some hills waiting for a buddy so I took a sip of water from my camel pack and suddenly my bike nearly stalled out. I thought I might have bumped the kill switch with my hand so I grabbed a handful of throttle and took off. I got up to the top of this hill climb and as I crested the top my bike stalled.

I sat there kicking the sh*t out of it for a while. It sounded like it had low compression, I finally pulled the hot start (which I usually don't have to do) and after about 5 more kicks it fired up. I revved it up a bit and it stalled. The kick start froze. So I rolled down to the bottom of the hill climb where my buddy was waiting. I took of my helmet and checked the oil to see if it smelt/looked burnt, but it wasn't. I thought it might be dying because of a possible electrical short so I checked the kill switch, and main harness but didn't find anything. None the less the kick start was frozen.

I was pretty far out and we decided to head back to the truck; after what felt like a mile of pushing I got to the top of the hill and bomb rode it down. What a feeling a 240 lb pick with no throttle to get over the whoops, and after pushing it so far I wasn't about to pull the brake. Well near the bottom before another uphill section I decided to put it in gear and pop the clutch. It fired right up and I flew up the section and when I got on the road I opened it up and got about 1-2 miles down and it just stalled again.

Since then I turned the flywheel and it had friction but it turned. Drained the oil and no metal or chunking.

Any ideas??

I will probably end up pulling the kick start tonight to find out if I can possible find something.

I just got water in my motor and it sounded a lot like what your talking about but the kick starter wasnt stuck so i dont know what that could be from

Not familiar with your bike but; do the valve clearances check out and how about the plunger on the hot start? Is it stuck/ frozen/seized? I'm sure you'll get some better replies than mine. Good luck!

After you got it fired up did the kick start free itself? Sounds like you may have two different problems. Check the venting of the carb and the fuel tank to be sure it is free of debris. This could be causing your stalling problem. The kick start on these bikes has been known to crack(talking about the gear) and could be what is causing your kicker to jam up. Also, have you upgraded to the auto decomp cam? Sometimes if the engine stalls just right you can get it on the compression stroke and the plunger on the cam can get stuck in not allowing you to kick the bike over until you roll it back so that the plunger has a chance to extend again. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the replies but I think it might be something else. It is definitely not a carb problem, it is getting fuel that is the first thing that I checked. I am not to concerned about it running I think whatever the problem might be that it is directly related to why the kick start freezes. After I got it fired back up it ran and sounded normal(good).

I forgot to add that after it stalled the last time, I trailered it home and when I got home it fired up first kick and I shut it right off. When I got it off the trailer I went to fire it up again and it was frozen.

I'm gonna take the kick start off and check the gear inside right now, I'll update in a bit and maybe include some pics if I find anything.

Is this a stocker or did you do the decompression cam fix? Sounds to me like you may have a valve possibly 426 would do the frozen kickstarter once or twice ... I would roll start it and it would be fine...the stalling has me scratching my head

Sounds like my YZ400F when the lower rod bearing started getting tight and galled the pin. When it finally stuck you couldn't move the kickstarter one mm. The Silkolene oil was fresh and looked good, I figured it was the heat from running in Utah sand for three days that was getting the bearing too hot and causing a lubrication failure.

No auto decomp cam. I thought the same thing probably a lower rod bearing. I guess I'll just keep pulling it apart and see what I find. I'll try to post some pics shortly.

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