WR450 engine swap into '99WR400 frame?

Hello to any and all of my old friends in these haunts. It has been a very long time since I visited.

Since winning my 3 year battle with the Iowa DOT on my street-legal '99 WR400 a year and a half ago, I have been wanting to upgrade to a WR450 for the electric start feature (I'm getting old).

While the DOT was clearly violating the law by seizing all of the dual sport conversion titles here in Iowa several years ago, no one else in Iowa joined me in my fight and even my victory was swept under the rug, since they continue to break the law and deny other riders their right to build a dual-sport bike. The real problem is the DOT Administration is 1) Too lazy to read the law and 2) Too embarrassed at having been too lazy to read the law to reverse themselves and admit they made a mistake seizing all of those titles and registrations.

So the DOT officers still find it easier to just say "NO' when asked about dual-sporting a bike. The administration did not even let its own officers know they lost my case. But the judge made it VERY clear to the DOT that they cannot touch my bike or title or registration.

It was an exhausting fight, and I do not care to go through anything like that again, though I am confident I could win again. But I would like to upgrade to a newer model WR with electric start without the hassle. I am wondering just how to do that and keep my licensed bike frame.

How difficult is it to find a good 450 motor and do that swap do you suppose?

pm sent

pm sent

Don't hold out-I wanna know if it can be done as well.

So what happened with this?

I have an '01 WR 426 and the motor has been rebuilt and is starting to become un-reliable. Does anyone have any experience with 450 to a 426 frame motor swapping?

What year did Yamaha move the oil tank out of the frame? 04/05??

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