XR600 vs DR650

Looking for comparisons of the engines of these 2 bikes?

I am considering a couple different examples of each for dual sport riding.....pretty much 50/50.

I am familiar with the chassis differences.

I would like a focused discussion on the motors like

HP and torque comparo's

Which one is more powerful?

Is there a significant difference between them?

reliability etc.

This would be on uncorked properly tuned/jetted versions of each by the way.

I know its an older post but the search engine is down and I found it surfing. Anyway since nobody answered your question I'll give it my 2 cents worth...

I own a DR 650 and an XR650R. The DR is dual sported and the XR is dirt only. No comparison, the XR will eat the DR for a late night snack.

Hope this helps...

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