Weight Training Program

Okay guys, here it is. I tried to find references to the exercises on the web so I could just link to them instead of describing each one myself. The only one I could not find was a basic one (Inclined Flys), so I figure we can do without the link on that one. It's an easy one to figure out anyway.

Once again, this program was put together for me by a guy who knows his stuff, and after he watched a few mx races on videotape, he tailored it for us moto guys. This routine is well balanced for the upper body and made a huge difference in my riding abilities back when I actually exercised. It's brutal at first, but the payoff was well worth it for me and I plan on getting there again.


You can hurt yourself if you do not do these exercises correctly. Please be careful and try to concentrate on what muscle(s) each exercise is targeting. Remember, form is way more important than weight. Start light and work on form. Gradually add weight until you find what is right for you. Everybody is different as to how much weight is right for each exercise. Next to each exercise I will put in ()'s how much weight I am using in pounds for a guide. I will be starting light and easing back into it. I am also more interested in endurance than building bulk. If you want bulk just add more weight and do less repetitions. Also, if you are experiencing arm pump while on the bike, add a few reps of the exercises marked with an *.

You will need an incline bench, a good assortment of dumbbells, and a chin-up bar. Try to stick to the order they are listed in. On the pull ups, do four sets of as many as you can but no more than ten. These are the hardest to do in my opinion, that's why they are first up. Take it easy at first, it gets better after a while. For everything else do four sets of eight, going to ten later. On the "off" days, except for the weekend, do the leg exercises at the bottom and ride a bike or run. None of this will help you unless you eat right. And no, it's not me in the pictures! Here we go:

* Weight Training Program *

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Chin ups? Four sets of as many as you can? No more than ten? Stop it, your killing me. I'm peeing my pants I'm laughing so hard.

This comes at a good time for me. I just joined 24 Hour Fitness and have been working out for a month now (a new record for me). I've been using the Body For Life workout program (not doing the diet though, just too strict. No beer for 6 out of 7 days, yeah right). But I'll give this a shot. Looks like a good challenge.

What about the Abs? I don't see anything in there to work on them. Seems to me they would be important to riding.

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Try it for a week then talk to me about abs.

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Ron, excelent job I wish I had your computer savvy. How long does a routine like this take? Doug

Thanks for the info but I do have a question. Should I take off my MX boots and my red long johns every time I start to workout?

Thank again for the program


I have never done a pull up or a chin up.

Believe me I have tried...

Is there an alternative to work?

Do sit-ups count?

Can I just bench press my bike a couple times?

Good info I did the Friday work out last night (with a little help from the machine chin ups and pull ups) That's a really great website.

Good job Ron! For some reason fitness seems to get very little play on most dirt bike boards. Truth be known it's more important to your riding than YZ timing & finding that perfect jetting combo. I'm 34 and have to say it only gets harder the older you get, to lose the weight and stay in shape...especially when you like to eat & drink like I do. My wife & joined a club last spring, got our eating habits under control and it's been awesome, I've lost 40 lbs., added a lot of muscle (wow, there are actually muscles in my back!!) and am literally in the best shape of my life now. Trust me, if I can do it, ANYONE can! I still fall off the wagon from time to time and OD on Blizzards from Dairy Queen, but I'm in the gym 3 times a week...week in week out. And believe it or not...IT'S ACTUALLY FUN once you get into it! Plus, there are a lot of shakes & supliments out there that make dieting a lot easier when first starting.

The animations you posted are great, I've seen some stuff from that site before, very helpful. Pull-ups & Dips are the main-stay of my back & tricep workouts. Harold hit on the "assist" machines...they're great to get you going. At 210 lbs. now my pull-ups are still limited, but I finish my sets on the assist machine.

Maybe someone reading this will get the motivation to try it. If you have a hard time sticking with stuff, my suggestion would be to join a club, make the financial commitment and you're more likely to stay with it (heck, most will take you month to month now.) It was impossible for me to stick with a program from home. Find a good club near your home that's fully equiped...look for a good selection of free-weights and LOTs of cardio machines (both get tons of use and for some reason there's never enough.) If you have one of these $5000 bikes, plus gear, internet access, etc....you can afford it!

Just reading the workout I started to sweat.

Yeah, I just got back in the gym myself. after breaking my foot in eighteen places (landed sideways on a triple) and quitting smoking, I gained forty pounds - youch. I'm in there at least three times a week for the last six weeks doing a half hour on a recumbant bike, half hour on the treadmill, and a half hour on weights. Eating's the hard part. I've only lost five pounds so far. I often think it's a metabolic thing. One good perc about the gym is lots of pretty girls to ogle.

Jeez, that guy in the video is amazing! It takes a little while for him to warm up but he just keeps going after that. I watched him doing one excercise for 10 minutes....NON STOP !


I opened you training link, and immediately Lost My Will To Live......No 12oz curls, NO pizza, and No pringles anywhere! Workout Five (5) day's a week.....You Must be Crazy! OK...OK...OK....If I can fit all that stuff in my Van and hire some schmuck to drive me back and fourth to work I think I can fit is in between I-75 and I-85 from 6:30 to 8pm daily...... As long as I don't miss the West Wing and Sports Center it's cool with me....

I gotta be nuts fo even considering this.....

Bonzai :)

Owie, owie, owie! :)

I can barely move my arms. After a week of this program, I am very SORE. A good sore though. I had been working out for a month before I tried this so I thought I wouldn't be all that sore. It's funny, I was skeptical on the leg exercies. I was thinking how could this be better than loading a machine up with 300 lbs of plates. I was wrong. Doing those leg exercises while holding ONLY 15lb dumbells did more for my legs than pushing 300 lbs on the machines.

Ron, could you please ask your buddy if I can substitute swimming for any of these upper body exercies. I've started doing laps recently and I find that I don't have the time to do all the upper body work and get the swimming in.

Thanks, Doug

Don't forget the water guys! The old eight 8oz. glasses a day rule is the bare minimum for just average, lazy, do-nothings. If you're working out, riding, active at all AND especially if you're trying to burn fat & lose weight you need to drink MORE. I cannot tell in enough words how important water is to losing weight!! I drink at least a gallon of water a day, usually 1.5 gallons. Gerhard, the workout you're doing is great, but you should have lost more than 5lbs in 6 weeks(unless you built a hell of a lot of muscle real fast)!! Just drinking a ton of water and doing cardio you should have lost 5lbs. of water weight in the first week alone. Water will "flush" you out literally and remove a lot of salt from your body that's retaining water. Plus the water makes you feel fuller and hopefully will curb your eating some. Balance your carb & protein intake and cram the water down, the weight will come off.

OK OK....I'll switch from Icehouse to Coors light.....That pure Rocky mountain spring water has got to be good for ya Right?

8 oz a day you say......Hell I can beat that easy!

Bonzai :)

Man, am I glad to hear that I'm not the only one in pain. I almost blew-off shampooing this morning, but then I thought of the pictures of "Rat Boy" (John Walker) and decided to tough it out.

I've been though this before. Trust me, the soreness will go away by week three. Well, most of it will. The idea is to use the same weight until you can do 4 sets of 8 without experiencing major soreness. Then, if you like what's happening to your body, kick it up a notch by adding only 5 pounds.

Dougie, I recommend you stick with this program for at least a month. By then you will notice lots of good things happening. Swimming is a great general exercise, but this is targeting mussels that are crucial to what we do on motorcycles. Also, I'll bet that the wife will start liking what she sees. Hey, this plan has a money back guarantee to make you a stronger, more aggressive motorcycle rider! Hang in there buddy, your not alone.

If you are planning on riding in these early days of working out you may consider taking it easy. Heck, your upper body will demand it. You will be sore and stiff at first, but after a few miles it goes away. Your strength will fade quickly though, so be aware of what you body is telling you and don't over do it.

Outstanding advice Scott. Water, water, & more water. I find my appetite gets real big when working out, and that's good. I also sleep better. Building muscle requires lots of fuel and rest. Pasta & steak. Ummm. Red meat kicks butt! (No, it does not have to be raw)

Stick with it guys, I promise you will like roosting your friends when they are tired.

I'm on my 4th day of this workout and my body is thanking me for it :) . I tried to look up Dumbbell Seated Rear Lateral Raise and the link stated Server unable to locate. What website did you find the video clips of These exercises. I tried searching but all I could find was side lateral raises. Thanks, Doug

Nice program any congratulations for your outfit :)

But indeed, what about the abs. I startet a 'winter' work ou 2 months ago, I work ou 3 or 4 times a week and i do 640 abs each time (3 x40 sit up, crunches, leg raise, knee ups ...

The abs help to support your upper body and your back. They're ******* anoying to work out but i think it's really worth it.

Thanks for the info

Leave it to me to pick a website that has been up for years but goes down a few days after I link to it. That's my luck. I will try to do something about it this weekend.

You guys are right, abs are important. The wide pull-ups work the heck out of your abs if done correctly. If your legs are come forward then you are NOT working the abs. I know that sounds backwards, but try it. Keep those feet under you when doing pull-ups.

Sit-ups and crunches are good, don't get me wrong, but you should feel the wide pull-ups working the abs all the way to the groin. That's something sit-ups and crunches don't work as hard. I hope that makes sense.

I'm no expert in this workout stuff, I am just forwarding the stuff I learned from a guy who is. This program is kind of brutal, but it sure works. Please feel free to add sit-ups and crunches. It certainly cant hurt. :)

Your links are back on! That's a great site (where the links come from). I picked up a few ideas to work into my routine and change it up a bit. Now, if my wife would quit making Christmas cookies!!!

Abs you can work about as much as you like, large muscle group recovers fast and hard to "over" work them.

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