05 wr450 uk spec

Hi just bought a 05 wr450 uk spec bike i'm new to the 450 and could do with a lot of help is the uk same spec as the us bikes do i need an AIS kit(what will it improve,easy to fit) snip the gray wire (help what does it do not sniped and in sniped mode) any help is much needed :thumbsup:

not sure about the differences between US and UK, The AIS is mounted on the right side of the bike,it will be blocking your view of the carb it has some pipes going to the block.

It is not essential to remove. It is supposedly to reduce emissions, all it does is adds air directly into the exhaust to help burn unburnt gases, basically it makes annoying popping sounds a bit like the old Brit singles. The Grey wire is a ground or earth to you, most people unclip it then silicon over the connector, it bypasses the WR ignition mapping and goes to the YZ, gives more hit in the middle and upper. Your best bet is to do a search as these subjects have been covered extensively. Also read the post at the top on free mods.

Hey thanks for your help while your here in 4th on full chat it revs fine until late in the rev range then it will splutter before revving out same in 5th i think any ideas :devil:

sorry not too sure possibly fuel starvation. Hey Clark any ideas?

Problem solved found that there was still the air box restrictor left in .ripped it out wow what a differance it makes . If i cut the gray wire wil i need to rejet the thing Once again thanks for your help

If your jetting is OK to start with, then no cutting the grey wire will not affect your jetting.

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