06 Odometer Issues

I search the forums and no one seems to have a solution, but I'll ask again anyway...

I have an 06 WR450 and it had a crappy battery from the factory. Every time I started the bike the voltage would drop and I would loose my odometer setting. I finally took care of the battery and all, but I got out my bike this morning to start it and it wouldn't turn over.... I got it to finally kick over manually, but when I finally got the bike running I realized my odometer was reset again. :thumbsup: Is there any way to keep it from reseting on it's own? Maybe wire a back up battery for just the speedo. Any suggestions?

maby you could stack 4 3v watch batteries and wire it inline to the speedo...OR make a battery pack in the same manner and use a switch. so when you park the bike flip on the switch. from my expierience u should test for a parasitic battery drain. it should not draw that much 5 Milia amps at the most(that is a car radio turned off)

find out if you have a bad battery or starting system.......

Battery is holding a charge with out a problem and the starter works good. The reason the odometer reset this time is because the engine was so dificult to turn over the motor stopped and pull too much amperage from the battery and the voltage dropped. I had a hell of a time getting it to turn over the first time with the kick starter. After I went through a full stroke manually the e-starter worked perfectly...

Try to find a very small 12V battery, hook it up very close to the meter, parallel to the 12V line feed of the meter (+ and -).

Cut the + wire coming from the bikes loom (to the meter and now small battery) and put a 6 Amper diode in series (between the cut ends).

The diode will allow + current to run to the additional (small) battery from the main battery, but prevent the current going from the small battery to the main battery.

I have removed my battery & charged it on occasions(after drowning it) but have never lost my odometer reading.

I think he means the trip meter resets, A & B, I too have lost mine with a weak battery after using E start (before I done the stator mod)

Okay, interesting......never noticed if I lost the A or B reading.

only time I lost it was when I left my ignition on for a couple of weeks.

Then again, the drive on my front hub is messed up, and they are backordered till forever, gotta try and fix it myself.

I use the 'A' for gas tank filups and the 'B' for oil change intervals.

Energizer makes a 12volt battery that fits in car alarm remotes, so it is light and small. You could wire up a switch to turn it on when needed--the model number is Energizer A23. I also tried finding a small battery like this that was rechargeable that could be permanently installed and recharged by the bike's electrical system;but couldn't find anything.

Thanks guys... I think I might try the 12v battery w/ a diode so it won't back feed into the main battery. I've just gotta find a battery and a place to mount it now.

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