GYTR parts/pipe for YZ450's

Well im not waiting any longer, ive had my RMZ 450 for sale for like a year... No takers, thing is like new with extended warranty (yes dirt bike) until 2009..Anyways I decided im getting buy new yz 450 Monday :thumbsup: Ive been wanting a Yami since 06 but never could sell my RMZ. Im just gonna off it for a cheap price sucks because it like new with about 13-15 hrs of riding since 05.

When I get my yz I want to get a few things I always get and that is tall seat,tall bars, stiffer springs and sometimes an exhaust.. I talked to some friends that test and they said the bike needs a aftermarket bad.. They said it constricted.. Since i can get yamaha parts at cost I was thinking of there GYRT Exhaust.. Anyone use one? How are they matched up againts a yoshimura or DR.D?

What pipes are you guys running on your 06-07's?

may as well just trade it in, then. in tx, you only would pay sales tax on the difference in cost...

i run a FMF Factory 4.1 - its good, but packing replacement is pretty frequent or she gets a bit loud.

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