More land closures

For all So Cal guys:

BLM is now redefining the Draft Desert Plan agreed to by all parties about 20 years ago. Open areas are now limited use and limited use areas are now closed, per Ridgecrest office. They just closed area between Cuddyback Dry Lake and Kramer Junction east of Hwy 395. Damn! Allegedly for study due to affects of vehicle traffic on tortoises. They are closing land any time green wackos threaten lawsuits because DC does not give them a budget to litigate. We are losing riding acreage at a dizzying pace. Please help by writing your Congressman and Senators in all 50 states. California is only the first step. If you are already helping, thank you. Our right to ride is in the balance, and right now we are losing.

Damn, thats my riding area. Blah! :)

Thanks for the info, Dan. But wait, there's more. I just got this from Khris (sirhk):

"This a link to a letter that can be emailed to help keep Stoddard and

Johnson Valley open. All you have to do is enter your zip code on the top

right area and fill in you info at the bottom."

Legislative Alert from

[ December 07, 2001: Message edited by: Ron in SoCal ]

Thanks for the link Ron. I hope everyone sounds off.

If the government folds everytime they are threatened with a lawsuit, where is the $#(*&^% AMA! They should be out there suing for places to ride not #^&$ up the supercross series.

What A Pisser!!!

This bites! Ron's link is a good one to bookmark. It's going to take a joint effort to come up with enough $$$ to reverse this trend. Look in into joining and supporting the Blue Ribbon Coalition or California League of Off Road Voters among others.

Yeah Dan, I feel for you, I moved out of SoCal 5 years ago-the loss of places to ride was just one of the reasons. I could see the writing on the wall. If you don't think you really have to stay in "HB" You may like to check out some other places to live. I moved to New Mexico and it is still pretty rural here. Some days I ride right from my house. The weather is great and it is motorcycle-friendly. Colorado and Utah are nice too with alot of great riding!


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A few years ago I would not have considered leaving So Cal. My career keeps me in populated areas. Maybe an early retirement is in order some day. I was just in NM last summer and it is great! If I moved anywhere, it would likely be Idaho (in-laws) or Montana (just beautiful country).

Ron, let's go riding while we still have land left to do it on. Email me when you get a chance. We may join the Desert Vipers at New Year's weekend in Cal City.

On the bright side, groups like Corva and Blue Ribbon are beginning to work together instead of in parallel or in competition with each other. Lots of money has found its way in and some very powerful Calif law firms are soon to be on the job. AMA has just messed up much of what they get involved with, so it may be best to leave them out for now. They seem to compromise our rights away much too easily based on what I have heard. At least we now have an administration in DC that recognizes the citizens' right to determine the destiny of our own land.

Keep supporting these groups with money and let's flood our elected officials with letters. Stress a return to the Draft Desert Plan of the late 70's. That was hammered out as a fair compromise between use groups and enviros. Our recent problems are because enviros can't stick to their end of the bargain. Use the link above and visit the BRC. We will not be defeated!

Those F'n bastards! Running from this is not the solution. Someone needs to point out that the study is ineffective and invalid without the motor traffic. How in the hell can you measure the affects of motorized traffic if there is none? Thanks for the heads up even though I'm all pissed off just before bed time! :)

I wish I had a place to ride less than 100 miles from home.....

Bonzai :)

Easy Paulie, watch the blood pressure..... :) . This IS BS. Follow Ron's link and e-mail your representatives now. I just did.


I hope eveyone takes the above comment to heart about joining the Blue Ribbon Coalition. They are one of the only groups that are fighting these closures in the legal system.

We spend thousands on our bikes, and then run to buy the newest $400 aftermarket item, but we dont want to shell out $20 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to help assure that there will somewhere to ride.

I woke up and joined. PLEASE look up the web site and do the same!

This is just a thought. How about having the IRS pull the tax exempt status for any organization that sues the federal goverment?

This kind of law would be easier to pass through Congress than a direct frontal assult on the greens. These enviro's are so well funded they will simply out spend anyone who attempts a law suit on them.

Without the tax free money coming in the enviro's would think twice about filing a law suit.

My 2 cents

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