Back on blue and couldn't be happier!

Hi guys,

I know these threads are becoming quite common lately but can you blame me for being excited about my new bike. After years of trail riding I have started racing motocross and about six months ago picked up a 2002 CRF450. I though this bike was the greatest but I never could get the turning or suspension to feel right. Rather than spend a lot of money on the bike I read reviews on this forum and decided to go for a left over 2006 YZ450F. This bike is amazing :thumbsup: . After the first two laps on the track I was faster than I was on the Honda. It is light, turns great, and the suspension is the best I have ever ridden. I'd like to say thanks for all the good info I have already received on set up. I have changed the pilot to a 45, set the sag and raised the forks, and greased everything up (bearings were nearly dry). I also added a works connection glide plate and their radiator cages (pretty impressive).

I used to own an '01 WR250F and after 5 years the valves were still in spec. How long should I wait to do the first inspection? On the CRF I had to re shim after approximately 20 hours. The Honda will be for sale as it will be collecting dust in the garage.

check it afte 20 hrs and ride it till it's hard to start!

i'm waiting for a 07

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