Should i get this bike?

What do you currently ride? The '03 450F looks nice...

Here in Washington that would be a screamin' deal for an '03 450 with those extras like the Ti exhaust. As long as it is in good shape I would buy it.

fo'fiddy. DeViLdRiVeR>

My vote is for the 450 and also that isn't an 03' 250f it is an 02' or earlier.

The 03 450 is a screaming deal! I rode it last night! A buddy of mine bought it. :lame::thumbsup:

Good luck with your search, remember you've got to jump quick when you see a good deal.

I would go for that '03 YZ250F since the fofiddy is gone. Since it is so cheap, I would rebuild the top end before you do anything else. (unless he has rebuilt it very recently)

Ask them both last time they did top end. How are the valves in the 450? Ask him to show you the valves are in spec. If he doesn't know how then I wouldn't buy it.

as i recall wasn't someone else looking into buying that 250?... and posted their myspace link of doing wierd things with it?

yeah that was me like 2 weeks ago, but i figured id see what you 450 guys think of it. i currently ride a 1998 honda foreman 450 quad... Gay right?

haha just about any bike you buy is going to feel like a rocket! a 450 would be a handfull if your used to riding that foreman, maybe the 250 would be a better starter. i know how it is, im 15, about your size ( 5 lbs lighter ) and i moved from a heavily modded fully automatic quad to my 426 and it was kinda scary. be careful no matter waht you get.

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