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I purchased an acerbis over the fender brake light kit, installation was easy, but I have not been able to keep a good bulb in the light for more than 30 miles, the socket that holds the bulb seems defective although it holds the bulb the brass arms that contact the bulbs pins seem to move causing the light to flicker then burn out, I even tried putting an led light in, same thing, only solution is to redo the socket with a high quality one, then make it work with the light.Any ideas, alternatives or stories like this, It sure disapointed me a reputable company like acerbis selling junk. I would like this link to be where we can post things that are less than the manufacturer lists then to be. so all of you out there that bought a bike part but became less than satisfied because.....

I can relate two experiences with Acerbis: I bought an E-Line dsk for my 650R. "Seemed like a good idea..."

The acerbis/Oregon headlight number plate and flush-turn-signal taillight assemblies were sourced from Acerbis. The headlamp bulb needed to be replaced but it was some wierd standard that I had to search the web for 3 days to find a replacement.

The brake light started acting up and it turned out the brass contact fingers were too soft and were slowly losing tension over time. Had to jury-rig a fix.

Everybody complains they cannot see my turnsignals. They use #192 push-type bulbs. I've upgrading the bulbs to hi-intensity LED's (with a new blinker) but no joy. Still really dim. (Stator was also rewound, hi-output.)

0 for 2. So far I am not impressed with Acerbis. Or E-line.

When it came time to go dsk with the wife's crf230, I called Baja Designs. Yeah, most BD stuff doesn't have "Italian styling" and looks a bit industrial, but the headlight bulb is a buy-a-replacement-anywhere H4 bulb. Turn signals use a good-size bulb that's easily viewed even in bright sunlight. And the sockets are well-built.

2 for 2 for Baja Designs. And they upgraded their handlebar switch in late 2005 (I think). The new one is nice, better than many OEM switches. If I'd gone with them originally I'd have saved myself about $200 and about 40 hours labor.

Ride safe.

Thanks Internalcombustion, thats exactly what happened to mine the vibration and bumpiing impacts from riding are causing the fingers that contact the bulb to relax,CHEAP!

I also discovered this morning that the acerbis Front number plate with the two 35 watt headlights, which would not fit my L model, as advertised, due to the gauges, speedo etc.. I took the bulb assembly which is removable as a unit and installed it under the stock light, and wired them into the high beam circuit, worked great lots of light, any way I noticed the bulbs both of them are blown, :thumbsup: they have been installed for three weeks. 0 for 2 Acerbis. :lame: So if it has the A word look very closely at how its made, it may or may not really be what you need. PEE on the italian styling, junk is junk! Would rather duct tape a trailer light to my rear fender than have these issues!

I know the headlight assembly you're talking about. Sweet looks. Too bad it didn't fit. I know there are Italian companies that produce high-quality products. Acerbis probably has some products that function as they are supposed to.

But they seem to be electrically-challenged.

What type bulbs are in those two headlight assemblies you are trying to reuse (that just burned out)?

Yup, same story here...I bought the Acerbis DOT approved tail light(see my garage) and soon had issues with the bulb contacts...the socket actually cracked(heat?), probably cheap plastic ultimate solution was to solder the wires directly to the bulb! So far so good and I'm going to run it that way until it fails again and will replace it. I'm finding its tough to find a DOT approved setup, seems the LED ones don't earn that distinction for some reason.... :thumbsup:


Hey michhub, the brake/tail light on my wife's dual-sport 230F needed replacing a couple of weeks ago. Rather than going with the acerbis I ordered an LED brake/tail assembly from Baja Designs. Has an integrated set of white LED's for the license plate.

Slick. Bright. Last week it passed a point-by-point PA inspection. Cool. We are real happy with it. Wish I'd used that setup for my XRR.

Live and learn, I guess.

Ride safe.

My rear light went out during last year's LA2B2V. I kept the the Acerbis taillight housing and lens, but then installed a universal socket to hold and contact the bulb. No more problems. I also installed an LED bulb (1157 replacement) from Checkers Auto Parts. It is very bright and faster responding than the original incandescent bulb. It said on the package that the bulb it was not DOT approved, but who is ever going to remove the lens to check a bulb?

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