Fuel mileage? 650 R

Just bought an 06 650 R and opend it up a little. went to 172 Main, 68 slow, removed restrictor from intake, opend up air box and drilled out exaust tip. :p:bonk:

However I rode 55 miles and had to hit reserve. then I had to lay it over on its side to get it home. 69 miles total aprox. slightly less than a quart of fuel left. Is that average gas mileage for these mods? or have I done something wrong? :thumbsup:

Maybe I just need a desert tank? :lame:

Please let me know if this is normal. I would much rather buy a desert tank then set out to fix a prob that isn't there!!!

sounds like you did everything right. Buy a bigger tank. 80 miles on a stock tank is about average.

Thats been my exprience. I'm jetted a little lower on the mains however. I've got 2 of them, one is dual sported(stock tank) and the other has the desert tank. I thiink ultimately it depends on how you ride. I just did 120 miles dual sporting on my stock tank bike. I was using the exact same criteria(55mp tank because that has been my experience)to plan my fuel stops. I seemed to have gotten a little better than that in the end. Most of our time was 70mph county roads mixed with 95mph dirt fire roads :thumbsup: .

Go figure.

With my stock tank I'm grabbing the reserve at 50-52 miles...but I'm a big boy

15-45 gearing, edelbrock, consistent 50mpg here, but I don't tear up my tires either.

got 65 up in lake arrowhead before i hit reserve and that was coming over malcom smith trail from the big bear side

25-27 mpg on mine in the desert.

try a smaller main, check your plug to see how its burning.

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