Driving at night

I am gone drive a night race and need to have lights on my helmet as well on my bike. I have a WR400F 1998 and the bike only puts out about 75W that i can use. I asked around where i live and my bike can´t have Xenon so i was thinking about buying a lightning coil that E-line sells but when i looked at there homepage there is non for my bike. Does any one know where i can find something like E-lines products? I know there was a company in Sweden that was called "Megawatt" that sold something like it but they doesn't exist anymore.

Check out Trail Tech They have a dealer in Sweden here: Lights

Trail-tech single helmet light only uses 13W and gives quite a good light.

Only thing is, it needs to be DC current, so you need a rectifier.

I run the trialtech HID with a 12v batter in my backpack.

Hey Oxen,

You can use the YZ400F external made by Eline in addition to your stock stator. Only problem is that it adds about 11oz to your stock flywheel weight.

You can also buy the stator from a 2000 WR250F which puts out 130watts.

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