flywheel weight 03 450 suggestions?

Any suggestions on a flywheel weight setup? I weigh 225lbs and do a lot of trail riding and hill climbing. I'm not sure what weight to get or which brand to check out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just dumped my cr500 and am a little new to the f.

Go with the GYTR off road flywheel. It comes in two different weights. I use the heavier of the two for desert racing, and trail riding. It is just under $100 and yopu don't have to send yours in for a core. Just bolt on and go. You can find it on the Yamaha-Motors site.

I put a 8 oz. fly wheel weight on my bike. I believe I got it from Zip-Ty racing. It was fairly inexpensive and easy to install.

I love what the 8 oz. weight did to my bike. It was the same weight that a lot of the pros ran back in '03. I think any heavier would be too much. Then again I ride motocross, but if you are into trail riding you might want to consider a 10 oz.

Either the heavier off-road GYT-R, or the Dr.D 8 ounce. Avoid bolt-on weights. Read:

Dr.D will exchange one of his flywheels any number of times for one of a different weight and charge only shipping for the service. But having run 3 different weight 'wheels on my '03, my opinion is that the 8 is the way to go, regardless of the type of riding you use it for. There is no downside to it.

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