HEEEELP!!! 8mm socket fell in spark plug hole into cylender

Whil doing the YZ timing I was so careful to block all passages that stuff could fall into, BUT I forgot the spark plug hole,as I losend the cam cap my 1/4 drive 8mm went right down the hole into the cylender. :):D:D My wife right now is hiding all the sharp instruments in the house...I am dearly hopeing that somebody has got a real good idea besides pulling top end off. I tried flexi-grabbers but it won't work,I'm trying to think up a magnet set-up. Any idea's....PLEASE!!!

Yes I do qaulify for idiot of the year

Yikes! Bubble gum on a stick?

The first thing that popped into my head was a cool magnet on a flexible rod thing I picked up at sears. I once needed to fish something out of somewhere and it worked great.

I wish you luck.

Yep I think your best bet is a magnet. I've got a cheap (4 or 5 $$) screw driver that has a telescoping magnet(like an old car antenna) built in :) . The magnet is very small, quite strong, telescopes about 12 inches and would easily pick up a socket. I've seen these for sale at many auto parts stores usually in a bucket on the checkout counter.

Good luck,


Try the magnet that is telescopic which you can buy at the auto parts. Lots of lifting power... Good luck.

Try a piece of flexible vacuum hose (honda grey vacuum works well)with a magnet out of one of those cheap pocket screwdrivers. Pull the magnet out of the screwdriver and put it in the end of the hose. Slide the hose down into the cylinder and twirl it around until you feel the socket. slowly pull out! PT

Use the magnet as suggested above. Beware though, I’ve seen the magnetic head easily pull off the telescoping shaft on some of the cheaper units out there. You certainly don’t want two foreign objects in your combustion chamber, especially when one is a magnet and its stuck to the cylinder wall. Give a little tug on the magnetic part to make sure its secure when you’re out buying one. Harbor Freight and Sears sells them. Worst case, you might have to flip the bike upside down before you’ll be able to get at the little bugger. Good luck, dude. I feel for you. I dropped a bolt down my truck’s intake manifold a while back. I was lucky enough to fish it out using some gum on the end of a coat hanger (I was desperate!) It seemed foolish to even try, but it worked like a charm. The magnet would not work in that case since the manifold was cast iron and the bolt managed to roll all the way down to the head/valve area.

I would have to agree with everyone else on the telescopic magnet tool at Sears!! I used to use one in the Marine Corps religiously when I worked as a helicopter mech. A mechanics best friend!!!


I went to Sear's to buy every type of magnet style known to man. When I got home my wife had already got it out!!

All while cooking dinner!! When I asked how she got it out, she just grinned...She's not talking!

What a Woman!!

Ok guy's lay on the cr_p I deserve it

Originally posted by SoCalWR426:

Ok guy's lay on the cr_p I deserve it

I was going to suggest the shop vac. Lay the bike on its side and hope it has enough suck to pull it out. You could then fish it out of the junk in the vac tank.

You have got to be one of the luckiest men in the world. Does she have a sister??? Just kidding!!!


and she cooks too. now that's a good woman.

A truly beautiful ending to a sad story!

LOL :)

Are you planning on the old wining and dining routine? I would say its well deserved and quite appropriate considering the circumstances. Heck, maybe even dancing... :)

Show her this thread too. That should put a smile on her face. :)

Didn't Martha Stewart do a special how to turn old newspapers and felt into a great tool to fish out foreign objects from internal combustion engines? :D

That sounds like something I would do. Great woman. I wonder how she did it.

Damn Dude, see if she has a trick to getting the nut on the air filter...after that turn her loose with some tire irons and a new set tires!!!

Ya know....they are cloning PEOPLE now...hmmmmm...

I have only one question:

Does she have a sister?


ROTFLMAO!!! That's a good woman!

How about having her get her own ID here on Thumpertalk and let the rest of us know what she did - you know - just in case we know someone - you know - that might do something like that..... :)

At least you plugged the cam hole. The first time I adjusted the valves, I dumped a cam keeper into the lower end. I finally tipped the bike upside down to get it out!

I just wet my self laughing..my wife asked why...I explained....she grinned knowingly !!!

Hi guys,

Mrs. SoCalWR426 here...

First of all how I did it is a pure

chick thing...

To answer your questions below:


Sorry, no sister's the mold was broken.

Ron In So Cal:

Wining and dining is a good start!

Z4Me: Who do you think Martha Stewart

got her idea from!

Scott in KC:

RE-nut on the air filter, I'll look into it. As far as the new set of tires & tire irons. well all I have to do is smile and it's done for me.

(another chick thing!)


Tell your wife Hi...

Love you guys...


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