Braided or Stainless Steel Lines

Anybody in here use Braided or Stainless Steel line on there Wr's i'm thinking of upgrading to get better feel from the stock brakes, and sometime they can be a little wooly on the lever....just after advise..

They will definately sharpen up the feeling mate. Braided SS line will increase stopping power a tiny bit too.

I've gone braided cr style front on my 99 400.

steel braided lines feel great and stop way better all the pressure you use goes straight to the caliper instead of swelling the brake line.

Braided SS lines are great for street, they really improve the feel and stopping power. I prefer stock rubber lines in the dirt I have no problem locking the bakes in the dirt with rubber lines :thumbsup:

Anybody in here use Braided or Stainless Steel line ..

same thing dude!!! they are "SS braided" lines :thumbsup:

i wouldn't run them on my WR. would make the breaks feel too "woody". unless it was pure motard set up.

I like the extra feedback I get out of the stainless lines. Still need to do that upgrade to the WR, much farther down the list of mods than it was on sportbikes, but its coming soon.

Hi guys,

Anyone knows what's the lenght of the CR style brake hose on a WR?

And the diameter of it as well?

Can't seems to locate the info..

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