Clutch play question

I'll psot a pic later to show you what i have. First, I just installed a new clutch lever/decompression lever on my 2000 XR600R. There was nothing wrong with the old setup, other than the decomp lever was huge, and often caught on tree limbs. Anywho, it worked fine prior to the swap. It feels fine, and down on the case, I have good pull, and can see the cable puling the lever on the case. When the bike is started and in neutral, I pull in the clutch, shift to 1st. Let it out, out out out, and about 1 inch (measured from the outer tip of the lever) from being let full out, the bike begins to travel. Get me? It seems I only need about 1 inch of the clutch lever now. So, do I tighten, or loosen the on-the-fly adjuster? I am clueless on this topic. The bike does work fine, I just want it a lot better, thanks JL

I think some of this is personal preference, I like my clutch to be a short pull (you dont have to pull the clutch lever far for it to disengage the driveline) about one inch sounds right to me. Then I have a buddy who has his clutch where you have to pull the lever all the way to get disengaged. I played with mine some and I prefer the short pull to a long one it just seems more natural to me.

so its not gonna jack anything up? I doesnt appear to be affecting anything, and the bike drives/runs/accelerates fine. Guess I will mess with it. AFTER I get my Harley outta here....POS

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