Carb Problem

Been out today with the Trail Riders Federation in Lake District in UK

WR450 03 had a intermittent fault , fuel starvation type of thing, bike would come to a spluttering halt.

Would start, then die immediately, then start and be ok for mile or so, and repeat.

Slakened off the filler cap, and ran it, seemed to make no difference.

On the way home sprint of about 70 miles at 70 / 80mph fine all the way

What do you reckon guys ?

Petcock may be plugged. You can pull the fuel line from the carb and turn it to on and then res and see if the flow is restricted. Take it apart and clean it out. Also Take it out of the tank and check the intake screens.

Check the screen on the carb fuel inlet, the one that comes with the needle and seat.

also check the tank breather hose to make sure it isn't clogged.

Don't forget the float...SC

I'd bet a dollar on a sticky needle valve or clogged screen.

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