Jetting ?????

Anyone else running a DSP exhaust system on their 01 WR426 that changed the jetting along with it?? I need some advice. It's blubbering on the bottom and mid. I ride pretty much at sea level and have a 42pj and 168 mj with needle clip in 2nd pos. Recommendations???

If you are pretty much at sea level, you need to open up the pilot jet. I'm on a 01WR426 and am always around sea level. The very first thing I did was go to a 48PJ and a 175MJ, providing you opened up the air box so it can breath, this is a must. You will get twice the punch on power as well by doing this. By the way, don't worry that by opening it up this much, you will start to fowl plugs.....because you won't. Trust me, you'll be thankful you opened it up like this.

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