First Ride Complete!... need suspension input...

Hey all, just completed my first trail ride today on my new-to-me 03 WR450. About 50 miles of both tight single track and fast ORV routes here in northwestern MI. After all the perf. mods, it's got plenty of power, so I'm very happy with that. It is heavier than my 97 CR, but not soo much so that it's a bear to handle. My big gripe is the suspension. I like a firm, responsive suspension feel and this doesn't have it. I am fairly sure that a revalve and spring swap is in order, but I'd like everyone's input concerning a shop to send it to. I don't mind spending a little money for a job done right, but I can't swing $800+ for Pro Circuit, etc. So where is everyone out there sending their stuff? I am in western Michigan, so close would be good so I could talk to the guys doing the work, but I will send it wherever I have to in order to get a satisfactory job done. I'm 6'4" and about 205 lbs in riding gear. Appreciate any help you all can offer. Thanks!

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