Need info on 2001 XR650R

I have been reading posts on here about as much as I breath (at least that's what the wife said) :lame:

I have been thinking of a R-vs-L for about 6 months now. I have read 75% of the articles written about the R online fueling my wish. I have decided on R :thumbsup: Anyhow last week I found a local Honda shop that would get me an 07 for $5700 + tax. I made up my mind to go with it (as soon as the kitchen remod is done). Well, just the other day I found a 2001 in GREAT shape very local. He is asking $3500 OBO. New rear tire and uncorked with the honda kit. THAT IS IT. The bike is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.

How does that sound for price?

What is the deal with the only upgrade is the cam tensioner in 2002?

Are the pre 2002 cam tensioners prone to break, loose tension, or what?

It was extremely hard to get started and idle was a bit rough. The guy said it has been sitting for over 2 years and only run occationally around his property. I hope it is just old gas and in need of a new plug.

Was the 2001's known for hard starting?



How do the cases and frame look for wear?? I am not sure in your region of the country but here in AZ a clean clean clean XR-R are few and far between and I think 3,500.00 is a fair price. Best of luck to you!!!

Buy it now

cam tensioners, I know that the clutch bushing was upgraded, and the counter shaft seal, other then that you are good to go. Both easy to change.

If it is really clean, clean, clean it is probably a good deal. If properly jetted, the XR650R is not a hard bike to start. I bought a used 650R, and it was hard to start until a re-jetted it. But now, I can start it first or second kick all day long with my sandals on! Buy it and ride... you never look back! :thumbsup:

$3500 would be 'ok' IMO, but no great deal. Offer him 3k and settle for 3250 or so if you have to. There are LOTS of them for sale, here and elsewhere.

thats good deal ,grab it!

I paid $2990 on eBay for mine, 2 years ago. I am a fanatic about a bike's condition and this one was good to go. It was uncorked with a full ProCircuit, UniFilter, Renthal bars, decent tires. I DS'd and street-titled it (when I lived in Virginia) and added SM tires and wheels for "my inner child".

Hard starting could be bad gas, poor jetting, plug, "operator error", or combinations of all the above. :p The XR650R is generally considered bullet-proof, as I am sure you have figured out by now. My son in Denver bought an '01 650R about 6 months ago. The previous owner didn't really understand about the simple needs of an 650R and my son sorted out the carb (needed cleaning) and got his thumping happily in a week or so. His front tire is going to last a long time... :lame:

My '01 has the factory cam tensioner and clutch bushing, though snagglexr650 did talk me into getting the new bushing. Cost me maybe $25 (with washer and lock nut) and is sitting on my workbench waiting its turn on the "Bike Projects" list. I'll get to it this fall, too busy riding right now!

Go with your heart, as long as you are confident on how the '01 bike has been treated. A new one would be sweet, but with the extra 2-3 thou you'd have left over with the '01 you could work some really cool mods on this little baby.

Keep us posted on your decision!

Where are you in PA? I live just south of Wilkes-Barre (Mountain Top). Another Thumper-guy, "Huffa 2", lives in Slatington. XR650R's get a lot of stares in PA, they're pretty rare (particularly if SM'd), which is fine with me :thumbsup:

Ride safe.

$3500 would be 'ok' IMO, but no great deal. Offer him 3k and settle for 3250 or so if you have to. There are LOTS of them for sale, here and elsewhere.

I agree, offer him 3. XR650R's are magnificent bikes but with a VERY limited (but DEDICATED) following. His chances of selling one in PA are very limited.


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