FMF Q series Pipe...

so i currently have teh WB E-series pipe on my 02' 426, and well after getting pulled over today at carnegie for speeding too close to the main road...the ranger also pointed out that my pipe was "most likley too loud" and told my i couldnt ride any more today. so i went over to get it tested, and it blew a i took all but 5 plates out and finally got it down to 96.3 db....but it ran like crap. sooooo......i have a FMF Q series pipe here at home(iv had it on before, but it didnt run very thats why i put the WB pipe back on), and was wondering what a good jetting setup would be for it. ive never jetted a carb ever in my life, and i figured who better to ask then the thumper experts, so a little help would be awesome. we ride anywhere from sea level (0ft) all the way up to 5000 (stonyford) so im sure im gonna need 2 seperate setups. thanks again.

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