Just a silly little question

I have a 99 yz400f and no service manual. I know they're only 30 bucks but I'm a cheap little monkey. I change the oil every 3 or 4 rides but when I fill it back up it only takes 8 oz plus or minus (200 ml). I own a couple of Grizzly quads (excuse my language) for work and they take 2 quarts! It just doesn't seem like enough oil.

Please advise. :thumbsup:

im guessing you arent draining the frame resivior.

Oops wrong forum :thumbsup: Just got here, my apologies :lame:

I'm a little new to the DB scene. Frame resivior?

Heres a link.

Click here

there is a link on the top of the forum that will let you d-load a copy of the manual.

Thanks all. Got it now

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